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ALERT : TPLF has transported tens of thousands of dead bodies to Tigray

TPLF _ Ethiopia
TPLF chairman Debrestion Gebremichael speaks to Tigray TV and Dimsti Woyane (July 2021)

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Updated on December 22, 2021

Local Ethiopian news sources estimate that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has lost at least 80 percent of its fights in the battles in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia. 

Social media sources indicate that the designated terrorist group has transported tens of thousands of dead bodies of its forces to the Tigray region. 

Some activists are speculating that TPLF could possible bury the dead bodies in a mass grave in Tigray and claim genocide. 

Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution to establish International Human Rights Experts with the mandate to investigate claims of human rights abuse. 

On Sunday the TPLF leader, Debretsion Gebremichael, announced that it “withdrew” its forces from Afar and Amhara region, and asked the UN secretary general for a “peaceful” conclusion of the war. 

The narrative from the Ethiopian government is that TPLF has suffered devastating military defeats. Ethiopian forces are pursuing TPLF forces well into the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. As reported by various sources,the TPLF has lost up to 80% of its human waves and has left many decaying bodies behind. The residents in the area are concerned about the piles of non-buried bodies and demanding the local authorities to clear. There are also reports that indicate that the TPLF hoping for US intervention, is preparing for war on the Wolkait front. The resources it has looted from the Afar and Wollo areas will be used to mobilize and deploy another round of human waves on this front. The families of the poor Tigrayans who have been indoctrinated with the ethnic supremacist propaganda of the TPLF are poised to lose more members too. It looks that the TPLF will go on fighting as long as it wishes.

  2. There is no definitive number before the word ‘percent’ in this article. But whatever the percent of his soldiers Debre lost it is a very sad story. The demised youth deserved better than being thrown into a raging fire of more than 115 million pushed to the limit citizens. What can you call this other than sheer madness? Debre still may think he can turn things around in his favor once for all after regrouping in his rabbit hole. I suspect he may be putting final touches on the much anticipated plan and declare his region has seceded and is a new republic. Then the senseless destruction will continue because a new Debre republic is not the mandate more than 90% of the voters gave Abiy. Such monumental mandate was not only from the voters in that country but also by millions beyond borders from Djibouti to Dakar from Cape Town to Nairobi even thousands of miles across the sea when the Philippines said no, when Pakistan said no and when Indonesia said I need more time to think about it. I pray for that gullible youth! What a waste!

  3. TPLF is the most immoral group ever- they have experience murdering people and coordinate the search for a person whom they murdered… now they are using Tigrian youth who are forced to fight for them and died for their political agenda and the international community is tolerating their cruel and inhumane actions in the name of democracy and freedom

  4. The latest on-site reports, photos and videos show the destruction Debre’s hooligans left behind. All must be documents and made available for the world to see. I can’t even start to imagine the destruction they carry out if they were able to enter the capital. It is not only the beyond-repair destruction to buildings but also the extent of massacres they could carry out in the capital. It gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. The mentality of wanton destruction has its origins. It comes from the notion that ‘I am the one who built it and if I am not in charge no one should have/keep it. I am sure that Debre and his cabals believe with the help of misinforming depots in the West they will get away with it. CNN, BBC, AFP, Reuters and the gang will go like ‘Eritreans and Amharas had killed and raped thousands in Tigray, so what is the big deal if a few Debre’s miscreants made mistakes?’ You watch! They will not put it to us in that exact wording but they will sooth it in us somehow. Debre in his interview with BBC and the gang goes like ‘Abiy and Isaias have put a choke hold on the people of Tigray that all the roads for the flow of desperately needed humanitarian were closed and we had no choice but to wage life or death war to open them up. In the process some soldiers had made mistakes and we will hold them accountable at the appropriate time’. That interview will be broadcasted on these media outlets ad nauseam. You watch!!! So what’s the friggin big deal if one nigger kills another or one nigger rapes another!!! It is a show business y’all!!!

  5. a poor fourth grade TPLF called Generals and commanders are responsible for the death of thousands of rebels in the cliffs and mountains of Amehara and Afar.. Tigrai weak up and handover TPLF terroriest leaders to the Federal government of Ethiopia. By doing so you will be prevail.

  6. TPLF 4th grade generals and commanders must have take responsibility that they led the militants to day in war called, walking for death.


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