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South Sudan president says Ethiopia has capacity to solve its problems

South Sudan reaffirms solidarity with Ethiopia. Ways to strengthen the relations between the two countries discussed

South Sudan _ Ethiopia
Sudanese President Salva Kirr and Ethiopian DPM pose for photo during their discussion at the South Sudan presidential palace on December 16,2021. (Photo : MFAE)


President Salva Kiir  of South Sudan on Thursday said that his country does not support undue interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and expressed strong conviction in “Ethiopia’s capacity to solve its own problems through its own initiative.” 

Furthermore, he said that his country has always had a first stand on the peace, security and stability of Ethiopia and seeks strengthening the relations as neighbours. 

He said so during his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonen who paid a one day work visit to Juba. Demeke stated that he had a productive discussion with President Kirr. 

Ways of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries were among the issues discussed during their meeting. 

Also, Demeke Mekonnen briefed President Salva kirr about the humanitarian work Ethiopia is undertaking in the parts of the country affected by the war with Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Mr. Demeke also recalled that Ethiopia was forced to find herself in war. “The situation is changing due to joint operation of Ethiopian forces,” Demeke told President Salva Kirr. 

South Sudan was initiating a mediation effort in the direction of ending the war but Ethiopians do not seem to support any negotiation with the TPLF which the Ethiopian parliament designated as a terrorist organization. 

Also, South Sudan has been initiating an effort to resolve border related tension between Ethiopia and Sudan. The Sudanese forces occupied a large territory of Ethiopian land soon after the TPLF forces triggered the way by attacking Ethiopian Defense Force Northern Command in November 2020. 


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