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The U.S. denies urging TPLF to control Ethiopian capital

U.S. State Department _ Ethiopia
U.S. State Department ( Photo credit : Foreign Policy Magazine )


The U.S. State Department on Monday denied urging the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to take control of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. 

“The United States has never, and in any way,  encouraged TPLF to expand its military operation or enter Addis Ababa,” the Department is quoted as saying. 

The State Department said so after the VOA asked for a remark about the latest TPLF claims. 

In a live interview with Tigray TV last Thursday, the TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda said ” The United States wanted TPLF to enter Addis Ababa.” 

Based on his claims, the U.S. has also provided the TPLF with political advice along the line of avoiding legitimacy issues upon entry to Addis Ababa.   Mr. Getachew revealed that they were advised to “forge an alliance with different groups.” 

However, U.S. anticipation of TPLF entry to Addis Ababa was making headlines in major mainstream media outlets in the U.S. and elsewhere. The U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa has been issuing a series of “security messages” to the U.S. citizens in Ethiopia in which it encouraged them to evacuate Ethiopia using commercial flights. Those who are planning to travel to Ethiopia were also advised to cancel it. 

The CNN even reported that the TPLF forces are in the outskirts of Addis Ababa. 

In its latest statement about Ethiopia earlier this week, the State Department said destruction of civilian infrastructure by the TPLF in Afar and Amhara regions is “unconfirmed.” 

Civilian institutions including hospitals, universities, schools and financial institutions have been destroyed by the  TPLF forces. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia this week disclosed 238 branches in Afar and Amhara regions, where the TPLF forces controlled many towns and cities after the  declaration of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire by the Ethiopian government in late June 2021. 

Wollo University, which has campuses in Dessie and Kombolcha, estimated the amount of destruction by TPLF about 10 billion Ethiopian birr ( that is well over $U.S. 200 million)  


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  1. Of course the US denies the claim, either way one thing is clear.
    US liar liar pants on fire!
    Getachew Redda liar liar pants on fire!
    For those of you who still… Now you know!

  2. I don’t think big laurel Getachew was telling lies this time. Somebody at the position of power or someone who claim to be an official or operative must have told Debre to hurry up and march into the capital. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken does not have to tell him that himself. A conversation to that effect must have taken place between Debre himself or his operatives here in the West and someone known to be in the inner or outer circle of this administration. That person must have told him like ‘our officials would like to see your forces enter the capital very soon and bring back law and order’. You all remember what that former US ambassador told Berhane in that leaked Zoom conspiracy mumbo jumbo. She was urging him to enter the capital with no delay. I don’t think Getachew just made this up and the crazy mad rush by Debre’s forces to the capital shows that. Hey Debre! You did as you were told but it ended up with you being licked so bad. It cost you a lot. Even BBC, your very loyal reporter, has started saying bad things about you. Lately it has been calling you ‘looter’, ‘rapist’ and ‘mass murderer’. How about AFP, AP and Reuters, you may ask? Forget about it! They’re having open season on you. Just look at today’s’ posting by your servile BBC in the link below. It does not look for you, boy!!!

  3. Eritrean riffraff are soon be removed from Tigray by the mighty TDF and amhara elites to ICC branch located at Sendafa.

    Ittu Aba Farda is reportedly sponsoring ENDF and EDF terrorists and serving PP as an advisor based in overseas.

    Eritrea , tiny powerful country , is colonizing Ethiopia which is famed for zero-colonization tales , propaganda of no-wheat from US , no-more cries against former colonizers while more yeses to Eritrean dictator , Isayas who subjugated 120 million population magically twisting the hand of Abiy Ahmed who helped him to brainwash the entire Ethiopians who were never colonized ;
    Tamrat Negar is reportedly taken to Eritrea – unsaturated ditch to keep prisoners of Isayas.
    Ittu Aba Farda is reportedly sponsoring ENDF and EDF terrorists and serving PP as an advisor based in overseas.
    Ethiopians say a huge no-more to Eritrea before you extend your tongue against former colonizers who are still feeding their wheat , providing you clothes, telephones, and many other basic materials for required for life than bowing down before Eritrea which can’t do anything for you except brewing hate, war and genocide with no cost but stealing your own resources. Remember Eritrean soldiers are paid billions to wage war in Ethiopia and kill your own men and women , but EU is still feeding .

    The seaport of Red sea is yours,all Ethiopians , and you could share it as it located at a distance from your border less than 70 km/40 miles. NO more shabiya and its riffraff !!

    • All the comment of this TPLF or Debre guy above are the expressions of despair and grief. There is news that Debre is preparing to run away from his palace in Makelle. The losses from his human waves war are horrible and escape is the only option he has now.

  4. Hey folks, some rascal just blew my cover over! I just funneled to the tune of 30 billion in US dollars to the ENDF & EDF from the money I raised from our Diaspora. I told him that it was extremely confidential and now he told everyone about it. Those two guys will continue to kick even more ass until Debre begs for no more. Just like the other when ENDF belted Debre with lightening fast combinations that he did not even knew what hit him that he demanded a rerun!!! He thinks he robbed a bank as it is and if I were him I would find a lake and jump in it to not ever come up. Never!!! Hey folks! Who steals two cans of sardines from a UN food aid warehouse? Who is addicted to raping underage girls and elderly women in their 70’s and 80’s? You got it! You’re good! You don’t skip a beat! It is Debre and his rag tags!!! Again I did not make this up. Amnesty International has screamed blood murder about it and UN has moaned all about the theft!!! Debre just entered in the Guinness Book of Records for stealing two cans of sardines as a leader of a ‘de facto’ republic from la la land.


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