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Ethiopia opposes what it calls politically motivated special session of UN Human Rights


Ethiopia once again is perplexed and saddened by the regrettable situation that is unfolding at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

After months of hard work by the joint investigation team which made its findings public last month, and after the commitment expressed by the Government to implement the recommendations set forth in the report, some in the Human Rights Council, who have utter disregard for the efforts made and work done by the Government, have felt the need to call for a special session with the aim to have some sort of an outcome to achieve what seems to be a politically motivated objective.

This, of course, is not the first time Ethiopia witnessed such unjust and counterproductive attempt by some to exert political pressure. At the 47th Session of the Council, despite Ethiopian Government‘s repeated appeal for the Council to allow the joint investigation team to complete its work, these countries went on to adopt a resolution that neither involved the country concerned nor considered the call by others to withdraw the resolution.

After the release of the above-mentioned joint investigation report, the Ethiopian government welcomed the findings and established a High-Level Inter-Ministerial Taskforce to implement the recommendations therein. What is even more disheartening is the fact that, in the midst of these important undertakings, and with utter disregard for the work that has been done prior to the commencement of the joint investigation, some members still choose to advance their political agenda through the work of the Council.

Ethiopia therefore calls on members of the Human Rights Council to categorically reject and vote against the special session and its politically motivated outcome. What should have been a priority for the Council instead was the urgent task of carrying out an investigation into the violations of human rights and atrocities committed by the TPLF terrorist group in the Afar and Amhara Regional States. It is unfortunate to witness that no such call has come forth from some in the Council. This has to be immediately rectified.

The Government of Ethiopia would like to assure members of the Human Rights Council and the international community of its commitment to continue to engage in a constructive manner and fulfill its obligations under international law to respect, protect and fulfill human rights.
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  1. This is the result of the sinister and reckless policy of Debre and his predecessors. Their ego and run away confidence was so sky high that they ended up pitching those upright and innocent people of Tigray against the rest of the country ‘We are the gold race’, ‘We are your liberators’ so on and so on did not and does not sit well with those proud Oromos, Amharas, Afars, Somalis and the rest. In the mean time they have been feeding the noble people of Tigray as if they are the only people targeted and victimized by consecutive governments since King John. We all recall the way they painted the popular protests in 1995, 2005 and 2016. Every time Oromos, Amharas, Somalis, Afars and others marched into the streets to protest improprieties TPLF leaders called it Interahamwe, Radio Rwanda, prelude to genocide and with that pretext they went down into the streets and mowed down hundreds of peaceful protestors. They justified their killings as if it was done to avert Rwanda style genocide. Some of you may ask as to why the leaders of TPLF then and even now would do that. First of all those leaders were/are not some kind of illiterate individuals. But they were to the contrary. In fact they were and are some of the best educated/well read individuals that country ever produced. They know their reign is not to be eternal. The only way they can maintain their hegemony is by keeping their own people at odds with those they see as their nemesis. They have succeeded in keeping the noble people of Tigray busy looking over their shoulders. Meanwhile, those wicked leaders did not sit idle from helping themselves with what was in the nation’s coffers. In a matter of a decade 30 billion in cold and crisp US dollars was rendered untraceable. I dare any crafty financial detective in the world to tract it down. It was like smooth sailing into a black hole. If they took any economy or finance class it was also with the intentions in how to sharpen their stealing acumen. That is why they are still caught stealing cans of sardines from the UN food aid warehouses. That is how despots do business. Mobutu did not just kill but he was also an expert in how to dip sticky fingers in his nation’s coffers. Dare if you can locate those 15 billion or so might US dollars he was able to haul away out of the destitute Kinshasa. You know what? One Swiss outfit was able to locate a smidgeon 15 million in US dollars and who knows what happened to it. It might have ended up in the litigating lawyers’ pockets! Wow!!! What success!!!

  2. The UN as a world body is losing credibility because of the demonstrated impartiality by some of its agencies like the UHCHR. Above all the former TPLF henchman and the current director general of the WHO, the incompetent and corrupt Dr. Teodros Adhanom is using his position to support his political organization abusing the UN system. The removal of him from his office will be one of the major steps the UN ought to take to restore its credibility. As corrupt and ethnic supremacist he is, his reelection as a director for a second term will not be acceptable because his political ideology (ethnic supremacy) is in direct clash with the ideals of the UN charters which are for equality and cooperation.


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