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Ethiopian forces control main road to Mekelle, seat of Tigray regional state

Ethiopian Forces _ Mekelle Road
Google map of the Woldia- Mekelle road.


The Ethiopian government on Saturday announced that joint forces of the Ethiopian Defence Force, regional special forces and Fano volunteers took control of the main road between Woldia and Mekelle. 

Specifically, the Gura-Worke area along the Woldia-Mekelle road is under Ethiopia force. Dire Soroka  and Sodoma areas are also under the Ethiopian Forces. They are said to be essential as a springboard to control Hara town.  

Furthermore, key strategic positions around Zobel mountain chains are reportedly under Ethiopian Forces control. The Ethiopian government seems to believe that the latest military gains herald that Ethiopia is on the eve of the end of the war. 

” A strong offensive by Prime Minister Abiy led security forces to control strategic positions in the east. It controlled the Zobel Mountain chain, Arjo,Fokissa and Boren towns,” said a report from the government. 

From the Wuchale side (south of Woldia), Ambassel Mountain Chains are under the Ethiopian forces who are also advancing further to Mersa which is only about 30 kilometres from Woldia. 

The Ethiopian government claims that it has inflicted serious damage to Tigray People’s Liberation Front Forces. Furthermore, the latter is said to be unable to move vehicles and heavy weaponry due to Ethiopian Air Force operation. 

TPLF forces wounded in battles were also abandoned in the road between Woldia and Mekelle. 

On Sunday, the Ethiopian government announced that it has controlled Zobel town which will be useful for Ethiopian forces to make advances to Kobo and Alamata. 

Meanwhile, Reuters on Sunday reported that the TPLF Forces retook Lalibela town – a UN heritage site. The TPLF Tigray based media claimed “annihilated 80,000 Ethiopian troops in Gashena and Lalibela areas.” 

The Ethiopian government has not reacted to the latest TPLF claim. The belief among many Ethiopians is that TPLF is not in a position to make any further military advances. It is encircled and looking for a way to escape which will not be easy, according to military analysts who have been sharing their views on Ethiopian state media, as the road to Mekelle is under the control of Ethiopian forces. 

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  1. AFP is now reporting Debre and his rag tags have recaptured the world heritage site Lalibela again today. What is going on over there? Residents are telling AFP that the ENDF soldiers left the town without any fight and Debre’s riff raffs entered the town without firing a single shot. So what is going on out there?


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