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Hybrid Warfare & the TPLF-Junta in Ethiopia

Graphic credit : Radio Lemberg

By Sewale Belew


Viewed from international relations perspectives, hybrid warfare combines military and nonmilitaryplus covert and overt means, such as disinformation, cyberattacks, economic coercion, law-fare, corruption, and irregular and regular forces. Hybrid methods are used to blur the lines between war and peace.

In recent years, using the lessons learned during the recent American and NATO-Pact member countries’ joint hybrid war experience on Syria, Libya and Yemen, implemented by using humanitarian support and democracy as pretexts to justify their interference in these nations’ domestic affairs.

Historically, the Western neocolonial domination remains persistently motivated by backstabbing Ethiopia’s legitimately elected government out of sheer domination and utterly in defense of their vested self-interest in Africa. Both the Biden government and the NATO-Pact member nations in Europe are sore with PM Abiy’s geopolitical balancing game between Washington and Beijing. PM Abiy believes in the motto: African problems be solved by African solutions.

Although the US-hand-picked and appointed former TPLF-regime was kind of related to China while on power, this time, the Biden administration pushed heavily to coerce PM Abiy to distance Ethiopia from its tie with China, which did not materialize as demanded by a number of Biden-admin’s envoys. Consequently, to implement their Hybrid War on Ethiopia, the joint American and NATO-Pact groups jointly their diplomatic fight with all possible means with the aim to return the TPLF-combatant group to power in Addis Ababa, and if not in a national governing capacity, then, at least, to succeed from Ethiopia and maintain the Tigray region as its own autonomy.

Subsequently, the Biden administration and its allies continue to do everything that would frustrate and deter the PM Abiy government in their efforts to “contain” China. In order to understand this ongoing controversy in clear manner I would like to explain the modus operandi of hybrid warfare in some detail picking the most salient features of it.

Hybrid warfare is a warfare tactic characterized with the following six aspects:

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