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Tamrat Negera, prominent government critic and journalist, arrested in Addis Ababa

Police did not disclose the whereabouts of Tamerat Negera

Tamrat Negera
Tamrat Negera (FB)


Tamerat Negera, Former Addis Neger Newspaper journalist, on Friday is arrested in the capital Addis Ababa. According to disclosure from Terera Network, an Ethiopianist news channel on YouTube which he founded, he was taken from his residence in the morning around 10:30 local time. 

After his return from exile in the United States, Tamrat and his colleagues have been promoting Ethiopianist ideas and values as opposed to ethnic nationalism and politics – something that brought about unprecedented destruction in Ethiopia since the invasion by Fascist Italy in the 1940’s.

Security Forces who took Tamrat from his residency told him that he is wanted for an inquiry the subject of which is undisclosed. Then they took him, according to Terrara Network, to the third police division in the city. 

His house and office is searched. They seized laptops, computers, voice recorders and flash sticks. among other things. 

Another update which was released a little later said Tamrat was transferred to Oromia Police Commission whose legal jurisdiction does not include Addis Ababa where Tamrat was arrested. 

When his families visit Oromia Police, they were told that he is not there. The latest is that his whereabouts are unknown. 

Neither Addis Ababa Police nor Oromia police did not say anything about the arrest of Tamrat Negera. Ethiopia is under a state of emergency but it is established that Tamrat was not arrested by authorities who enforce the state of emergency. 

Tamrat is known for his unflinching Ethiopianist stand and has been advocating for an end to ethnic nationalism and ethnic based administration.

His arrest has triggered uproar among Ethiopians in social media

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  1. Woyane style repression and intimidation of journalists and freedom of speech is back all over again. After Tamrat Meaza Mohammed is arrested. So what is the point of fighting with the ruthless Tplf only to be abused by Prosperity Party? Need to fight for real change. Only changing party’s name isn’t a change…

  2. I am very impressed the arresting of this guy. Because he is too extremist who among the advocator unionist to be little others language, culture and among others.Let inquire him in legal way for he acuse all Promo people considering as ‘banda’.

  3. Where is Abebe Bayu of EthioForum
    Where is Bekalu Alamirew of Awlo Media
    Where is Teddy who had great mind

    Arrest is one thing but not letting family bring food and talk to them is another level. In Eritrea no one is allowed to visit or know the whereabouts of prisoners. They disappear without a trace. I see this being a model now for Ethiopia


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