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Ethiopian forces control more towns in North central Ethiopia

Ethiopian Forces


Days after victories that restored Dessie and Kombolcha town back to government control, Ethiopian Forces are making advances north east and north west of Dessie. 

Government communication office on Wednesday confirmed that a joint operation of  Ethiopian Defense Force, Regional Special Forces and Fano controlled Haik, Bistima, Basomile and the historic Wuchale towns. 

Government said that the forces are marching further north in the direction of Mersa. 

In the West Wollo front, Alem Amba, Meqdela and Goshmeda are freed from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces. 

The Ethiopian government claims that the TPLF forces are encircled by joint Ethiopian forces. It further added that an effort is underway to ensure that the terrorist forces are not taking looted property from the areas they controlled for about five weeks. 

On the other hand reports of extensive destruction of properties by the TPLF in cities like Kombolcha and Dessie. social service providing organisations were the targets. 


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  1. Whooowee!!! I’m running out of numbers counting!!! But I still need my cities of Axum, Adwa, Adigrat and Mekele back pronto. Debre’s overseas operatives are said to be working on a large scale propaganda campaign to arouse fear in the UN that Abiy is planning an all out military operation on the region of Tigray to carry out large scale genocide with a help of Eritrea. I’m not sure how that will pan out for them but it may trigger once again a call for an external(UN sanctioned) military intervention and enforce a ‘peaceful’ resolution as such idea was already entertained more than before. I am not sure who will come up with the terms for peaceful resolution acceptable by both sides. It seems that Debre will never recognize the current federal government in Addis/Finfine and will never, ever disarm his rag tag looters. Hey, I am not the one who called them ‘looters’ but the UN itself just did that and as confirmed by TPBBC World News.


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