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Hermela Aregawi’s mother speaks out. “95 percent of ethnic Tigreans hates us”


Hermela Aregawi is U.S.based Ethiopian journalist of ethnic Tigray descent. Ever since her defiance to blindly ecco Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)’s false narrative of the war in Tigray, which the TPLF itself triggered, she has been experiencing threats from radical TPLF supporters.

Tigary genocide was among the narratives that she refused to echo. In fact, the UN Human Rights High Commissioner has concluded, after a joint investigation with the Ethiopian Human RIghts Commission, that there was no genocide in Tigray. 

Despite the threats on her life, Hermela did not back off from advocating for an unbiased story on the conflict in Ethiopia. She went to the extent of initiating #NoMore movement which turned out to be very influential in terms of impacting change in connection with how the conflict in Ethiopia is covered in the media. 

Hermela was not alone. Her mother, Professor Haregewoin Assefa, says they have been targeted for not lying about the conflict in Tigray. She says 95 percent of ethnic Tigreans hate us. Take a listen from the Nahoo TV interview below to understand the kind of pressures and threats the family has been experiencing. 

Video : embedded from Nahoo TV YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. In history truth loving people such as these are globally few . For this cause they have to be appreciated and encouraged. Hermela was previously known to have fought Islamophobia and it’s my hope that her unbiased voice will continue to be louded out for other classes of people and other nations and ethnic groups. Thank you .

  2. That is the Way It Is

    Subject: Hermela Aregawi’s mother speaks out. “95 percent of ethnic Tigreyans hates us”, December 8, 2021

    Humble Commentary

    a). I don’t know about the percentage but WE, Black Africans, are good in that profession (i.e. insulting each other)

    b). That is why we are eternally backward

    c). It does not matter what accademic paper we get — we remain stagnant

    d). The is why colonialists like to keep us at that level for their own benefit, of course.

    e). Consequently, have you noticed, we became professional in insulting people on the Internet!!!

    f). If it is a consolation, there are also other people somewhere on the GLOBE who excel us in that profession Ohhh. YES, very
    emotional and quick to insult any bystander (and even more than that)

    g). We may not cover the entire Latin Alphabetical order but we can come second in World Order and remain expert in insulting
    readers. Thank God we are protected by the internet which was discovered by an ingenious society — not withstanding that they
    occupy the FISRT CLASS in liquidating themselves in two world wars.

    h ) Who says the world is perfect? Dear Readers: Keep on Going in an IMPERFECT WORLD. And soon your Soul will leave you as a
    Caracas to be berried and consumed six feet deep in Earth. Amen – Inshallah in Alphabetical order, please.
    If I am off track please forgive me. I may have carried away .

  3. Before anything else, we must remember that Hermela is an individual with her own opinions. When it comes to civil war, it is hard to say one is right and the other is wrong. It could be the case that she is also a business woman, we will never know. She has many supporters and many investors. Either way, I think we all can learn something from her.

  4. Hermela Aregawi and her Mom, Prof. Haregewoin Assefa deserve tumultuous accolades for their courage to stand up to those poor souls that are suffering from the pathological trauma of acute ethnisis (term mine.) One thing is clear. They have let loose the truth into the cosmos. As St. Augustine of Hippo said almost 1,600 years ago, “Truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”We have a lot to learn from Augustine, Hermela and Haregewoin: I am an Oromo both through my father and my mother. We, Oromos have to also face up to the challenges emanating from our pathological ethnisists!

  5. If any body knows that 95% of the population hates him/her, so for whom is she/he talking about? for the 5%? She must have other motive. I even do not know if she really grows in Tigray and know the culture very well. I said this because once she said that women in Tigray do not consider as human. Ridicules! Let alone in Tigray, I haven’t seen even in other part of Ethiopia. Some times, I even think if she has already lost what she knew while she was a child.


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