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Mass grave uncovered in the Industrial city of Kombolcha

It was this week that the Ethiopian government forces freed Kombolcha , where the mass grave is uncovered, and Dessie after a month long occupation by TPLF Forces 

Mass Grave _ Ethiopia  _ Kombolcha
Image of the mass grave uncovered in Kombolcha (Photo credit : Walta)


Days after the TPLF forces were cleared from Kombocha city, in North East Ethiopia, a mass grave was reportedly uncovered in the city.

According to a report by Walta Information, a state media, the grave was uncovered in the premises of a technical college in the city. The source said that it has observed a mass grave and a grader that was used to prepare it. 

Ditches prepared for additional mass graves are also discovered. 

Ahmed Yesuf, Deputy Mayor of the city, is cited as saying “many innocent civilians were summarily executed in a ruthless manner in our city. There are also those whose whereabouts are unknown yet. 

He also confirmed that mass graves have been discovered in several institutions.  From the report, the mass graves are mostly prepared in education institutions. Agricultural college, Kalu Vocational and technical college and Kombolcha technic College are some of the places where there are mass graves, according to eyewitness accounts cited by the source. 

Details of the mass grave are to be investigated and made public, he added. 

There had been reports of execution of civilians in Kombolcha soon after the TPLF forces controlled it at the end of October. 

The TPLF forces have carried out multiple massacres against innocent civilians in other parts of Amhara region and in Afar region too. 

Apart from the mass killings, the city, known for being one of the industrial cities in Ethiopia, is looted by the TPLF forces. As many as 800 containers of loots are said to have been transported to the Tigray region, according to the sources.

There are also reports that the TPLF used UN trucks, that are meant for transporting aid, to transport the looted items. It has the advantage of not being targeted by the Ethiopian Air Force. 

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government communication affairs department on Wednesday announced that it has made advances to the north east of Dessie

Haik, Basomile and Wuchale towns are not controlled by the Ethiopian forces and the TPLF did not remark about the latest losses. In the Tenta front ( also Wollo), Alem Amba, Mekdela and Goshmeda are freed from TPLF. 

Earlier this week, it said that it retreated from Dessie and Kombolcha towns for military strategy reasons  – something that military analysts dismiss as false propaganda.
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  1. According to Amnesty International working protocol those victims don’t count and will never mention about them. There are only two people who commit massacres on innocent civilians. They are those Amharas and their collaborator Oromos. That is according to the rules of Amnesty International. They will never make the faintest stink about it. You wanna bet? If they do, there must be something that went awfully ‘wrong’ about them. Those Amhara and Oromos have just been confirmed to be Anti-Semitic when they killed 12,780,643 citizens of the only Semitic people in the Horn of Africa, the Semitic people of Tigray just in one month back in November, 2020 which is known now as Tiglocaust, the term that is just added to the English dictionary. The previous classification of Semitic people of the Horn of Africa has just been found to be a big blunder. Those who were classified as Semitic people before are now lumped together in the Nilotic group except those from Tigray. Boy, I’m so good and way ahead of Amnesty International, CNN, BBC, AFP, AP Al-Kazeera, The New York Times and Bloomberg News!!!
    Hey Ittu, that is Al-Jazeera not Al-Kazeera!


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