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Ethiopia preparing to receive one million Ethiopian Diaspora Community

Ethiopia working on “Great Ethiopian Homecoming.” Ethiopian Airlines introduced 30 discount for the event 

Ethiopia  _ Ethiopian Diaspora
Ethiopians and Eritreans protesting together in Washington against foreign intervention ( Photo : file/SM)


Ethiopia is preparing to receive about one million Ethiopian Diaspora by January 7. It was Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who initiated what is called “Great Ethiopian Homecoming” as the country was facing external pressure under the leadership of the United States. 

The United States has been issuing a series of “security messages” for its citizens living in Ethiopia over the past three or four weeks with a message urging them to evacuate Ethiopia using a commercial airline option. Concomitantly, media in the U.S. published stories that the TPLF forces are fighting from the outskirts of the capital and may enter any time soon. 

At least two other countries have followed the U.S. suit. Many Ethiopians understood their actions to be targeting to harm the Ethiopian economy and provide a propaganda cover for the rebel forces. 

The unintended consequence of the pressure, for the U.S. and its allies, is that the prime minister initiated the idea that one million Ethiopians from different parts of the world visit the country on the occasion of Ethiopian Christmas which falls on January 7. 

The intention on the part of the Ethiopian Prime Minister seems to be two fold. For one thing, the event proves to the world that Ethiopia is safe for travellers. For the second, it also helps support the Ethiopian economy which has been under immense pressure since the start of the war due to western pressure. For example, the United States is moving in the direction of removing Ethiopia from the list of beneficiaries of AGOA “opportunity.” 

“The response from Ethiopians is very positive,” Billene Seyoun, press secretary in the office of the prime minister, said on Tuesday during a press briefing. Many from are preparing to travel to Ethiopia. 

Various preparations are underway. Among other things, the ministry of Tourism is planning various activities. Ethiopian Airlines has already introduced a 30 percent discount for passengers who are purchasing tickets by December 20, 2021. 

Historically, national challenge, specially one that is linked to the sovereignty of Ethiopia, brings Ethiopians together.  It is proved again. The existential threat Ethiopia has been facing this year, through the agency to TPLF, united Ethiopians irrespective of political  differences – except of the terrorist groups and their supporters. 

There have been a series of demonstrations in the country and abroad to oppose foreign intervention in Ethiopia. Moreover, Ethiopians in the diaspora and in the country as well have been collecting funds to support displaced people and the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

A retired former Ethiopian Airlines employee, in her seventies, had to sell her residence to donate a chunk of it (two million birr which is about $50,000) to donate it to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The outcome has been good. In less that two weeks, the TPLF forces are defeated in most parts of Afar and Amhara region and looking for a way to escape to Tigray region. 

If successful, the “Great Ethiopian Homecoming” is expected to subsidise the Ethiopian economy immensely. 


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  1. Subject: Ethiopia preparing to receive one million Ethiopian Diaspora Community, December 7, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 8 Dec 2021
    Fantastic Idea! One Million Diaspora Ethiopians — 1, 000, 000!!! Amazing!!!

    That is the way to be free and independent from foreign artificial help with so many strings attached around the so called “help”. It is NOT and it has NEVER been “HELP”. I congratulate Ethiopia for taking the initiative to take the step to einforce the independence of Ethiopia for time immemorial. It is truly a daring phenomenon in a world governed by colonial forces for seemingly time immemorial.

    May I also express my admiration for a retired Lady of Ethiopian Airlines for her extraordinary help toward the “Ethiopian Defense Force” Wow! Wow! Wow! And that, in my humble opinion, is a reflection of a BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY ETHIOPIA to be a true independent ancient country for time immemorial. Having said that, one would also add ‘GOOD LUCK’ in its endeavour — as the saying goes — in “one Ethiopia, for one Ethiopia, by its own Ethiopia” *
    * I stand to be corrected on the usual saying. And Thank You.


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