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Separating Tigreans from the TPLF

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Seyoum Mesfin, former TPLF executive committee Member and Foreign Minister for nearly two decades. He was killed during law enforcement operation in the Tigray region in December 2020.

By Addissu Admas

Since its very inception in 1975, the TPLF has considered itself to be the sole legitimate voice, advocate, and defender of Tigreans’ grievances, aspirations, and rights. This perception of itself was bolstered and validated during its 27 years, because it clearly adopted policies and actions that apparently favored and promoted Tigrean interests above any other nationality. However, in reality, it shamelessly advanced more the interests of its party, its party members, their families, relatives, friends and associates. In short, its core click! As we have come to know, the vast majority of the Tigrean people not only continued to live in poverty, but also conducted their affairs under an even more repressive and constricting regional administration. The very odd thing that has emerged during this horrendous fratricidal war is the level to which the TPLF has managed to convince the Tigrean people that without it Tigray was heading towards annihilation at the hand of a malevolent Ethiopian government. The usual cruel cynicism of the TPLF was to exploit the trust and gullibility of the Tigrean underclass to become cannon fodder in its pursuit of an unrealizable victory. 

The Tigrean people must stop and ask: Would the TPLF ruling cadre be willing to send their pampered American, European, Indian educated children unarmed, unequipped to battle against the Ethiopian Defense Force and various other regional forces? Obviously Not! What is unconscionable is that Tigreans living in North America and Europe have become the most vociferous defenders of this carnage, and megaphones for TPLF’s propaganda. They, more than anyone else, should know that if this war does not end right now, Ethiopians, including of course Tigreans, will destroy their nation to a point where we will become effectively a failed state. 

My appeal is to our fellow Tigrean compatriots to rise-up against this malignant party that has never been able to see beyond its own political and financial self-interests. We must consider the TPLF as an abomination in our long history just as there have been similar ones in supposedly more “advanced” nations such as the Fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany. 

I am not sure who coined the term “ethnofascist”, but it is a label that perfectly suits the TPLF. Let’s be clear, an ethnofascist is not a nationalist. The former pursues only the interest and advantage of one ethnicity or race, usually by coercive means. The latter, on the other hand, is intent at advancing the interest and recognition of a whole country. An Ethiopian nationalist is not, therefore, one who cares only for one ethnic group over another, but promotes the economic, political and social advancement of all Ethiopians, without distinction of class, lineage, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc… by peaceful means. In other words, it advocates the coming together of all the peoples of Ethiopia to achieve a far better future for the coming generations of Ethiopians. This is something that the TPLF has not been able to conceive, let alone implement. It could only conceive of an Ethiopia stitched together by uncertain arrangements, precarious policies and alliances to better maintain its own hegemony and that of its region. 

The Tigrean people must awake to the reality that nothing and no one will gain by this senseless war. The illusions of momentary victories will only prolong our agony. Those who picked TPLF’s side in this war, having absolutely no interest in our welfare, await like vultures our demise to partition us at will. Do we have the wisdom to realize where we are heading?

The best our Tigrean compatriots need to do it to excise and abolish the TPLF, principally for the good of Tigray. If Tigreans are to rejoin their Ethiopian compatriots in the building of our country, The TPLF has no place in our future. Just as neither the Fascist nor the Nazi parties had any in Italy and Germany, respectively, in the construction of contemporary Europe. The TPLF must be relegated to the dustbin of history.

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  1. What a timely article!!! Those upright noble people of Tigray are victims themselves. They have been victimized by the leftist goons that have wrestled away an organization created in their name. After more than 45 years of brutal treatment by the demons at the top echelon of the TPLF they have been brought down to utter and complete submission. I remember reading a comment by one of former high rank leaders of the front where he told how everyone was made to look over his/her shoulder at all times. That is having nightmares wondering they might have said something at the last public meeting that might have ruffled feathers with the goons riding on their backs. If they do they would not know what had hit them. Otherwise they are Almighty Our Creator fearing people. I know one first hand myself. I am sure you have heard me talking about him several times in the past. He was one of the first countrymen I met when I came here more than four decades ago. He was a member of the late emperor’s armed forces. He had come here for advanced technical training and went AWOL after school. We teamed up in learning our ropes and how to navigate through the factory jungles of America. We started our own families and raised wonderful children as a family. He is not in his best shape due to a debilitating health issues but he is still my best friend. Our wives are like sisters. All his life he despises ethnic politics that he kept from his military days. I tell you that late emperor knew how to raise an army. I see that when his army buddies gather at his residence once or twice a year just to reminisce. They are Amharas and from other ethnic groups even Eritreans. That was where I met for the first a countryman from Keffa ethnic group. He was also a former soldier in the emperor’s army who went AWOL also. I had the privilege of meeting several other countrymen from Tigray region when they came to visit him and his family. He is one of the most disciplined people I ever met. He is guarded in his utterances. Together share our enthusiasm for cars and had rebuilt several older models and sold them to car collectors. We are both in the sunset phase our lives and we both feel blessed to have met to be lifetime friends. I hope the message of this article will resonate with the majority of us. All it needs is for us to bury the hatchet forced upon our conscience by bigots among us and hold hands together and march on, right on!!!! We have to remember that every German was not a Nazi and every Italian was not an Ethiopian hating fascist. And every Tigrayan is not a Debre!!! The fabric that has been tying the society there has been badly damaged by the evil behavior of bigots and commies. Websites like this one have the responsibility not to play part in perpetuating animosity among our people by not making their platform available to these evil hate mongers. The torn fabric is reparable. It requires the effort by every one of us in order to bring it back to its glory days.

  2. brainwashing is a reality here, Ethiopian goverment needs to hammer this message ,actually the should fly choppers or drones to drop thousands of leaflets telling Tegarus they will have a better future with greater Ethiopia .

  3. Colonel Addissu Admas

    you are wasting your time in vain, bluntly and honsetly sharing my views to you. All Tegaru and Oromos are with TDF and OLA respectively apart from those who scumbbed to monetary temptations and betrayed their own people in search of power and petty benefits at the expense of poor fellow oromos and tegrau dying every day and churches and mosques detsroyed and looted by arab and chinese mercenary askaris.

    No Tigrean or Oromo need your satanic and crooked advice amied at self-serving mission. If Tigreans have to investigate and condemn or change a regime, they do not want your advice. Hands off! No more amhara , Oromo, gurage, etc in Tigreans afffairs . they decide their own fate and their own leaders. Tigreans are most civilized , cultured people , so need to seek advice from you damn bloody arab and isayas slaves.

  4. How can you do this when you have a whole generation of brainwashed youth, a petrified cadre class, a leadership that is hammered with inferiority and superiority complex at the same time… I wish you were right. But for the moment, the tplf = 90% tigran people, who should vote independence and get away from the rest of Ethiopia for their own good.. and stop dreaming of a greater tigre or some funky thinking…

  5. Addissu Admas you are very late!!! Where were you before 1991 and after 1991, 2012 and 2018 to warn and tell Amharas, Afars, Gambellas, Oromos and other Ethiopians what Tigrayan terrorist has planned for them? Where were you, when the Tigrayan terrorist kept running genocide in varous forms against Amhara in Wolkait Tegede, Metekel , Wollega and everywhere in Ethiopia? Why today after Amharas and Afars have already gone through the calamity the Tigrayan terrorist brought on them?
    Do not waste your time….that story no more exists. There might be few Tigrayans that are not like TPLF, the Tigrayan terrorist that are not humans but a walking devil that no human being trusts or want to live with.


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