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High school students taking part in campaigns to support Ethiopians in battle front


A few days ago, the Ministry of Education announced the closure of high schools across the country for about a week. The purpose was to mobilize students to fill in the social roles of those Ethiopians who marched to the battle front as volunteers. 

As a country whose more than 80 percent of the population is engaged in agricultural activity, it means that the families of those who voluntarily marched to the battle front to battle TPLF terrorist forces lack the man power need to carry out agricultural activities including collecting harvests. 

It was with that in mind that the ministry of Education passed the decision to close high schools across the country. It is seen as a support to the Ethiopian Defense Forces. 

On Monday, the ministry announced that students carried out different activities. Apart from collecting harvests of peasants, they also donated blood and engaged in raising resources for the campaign. 

They will be engaging in similar activities until Friday. Regional states across the country are implementing it, as reported by the Ministry of Education.
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