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Ethnic Tigreans in Addis Ababa Protest against TPLF

Ethnic Tigreans protest in Addis Ababa condemned TPLF over the atrocities it committed and for collaborating with the enemies of Ethiopia

Ethnic Tigreans _ Protest
Ethnic Tigreans protesting in Addis Ababa on December 5, 2021


Thousands of Ethnic Tigreans living in Addis Ababa on Sunday staged a demonstration to condemn Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

“We condemn the terrorist that is collaborating with the historical enemy of Ethiopia to disintegrate it,” they said during the protest. Ethiopia’s sovereignty and dignity is not negotiable is among the messages they conveyed during the demonstration.

Also, they expressed support, as reported by the state media EBC, to the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

Among the many claims that the TPLF has been making is that there is no distinction between TPLF and “the people of Tigray.”  However, the protestors said that the claim is untrue.

When the TPLF invaded and controlled extensive areas in the Afar and Amhara region of Ethiopia following the declaration of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire by the government of Ethiopia in late June 2021, it employed what military experts call “human wave” tactics.

According to unofficial sources on social media, it mobilized millions of ethnic Tigreans ranging from 12 years of age to early 70’s as part of implementing its human wave tactics. No official figure is given so far as to the number of people killed during the bloody wars. Dead bodies from the wars are transported to the Tigray region. Some speculate that it could be part of a plot to make another claim of genocide.

For some who are active on social media, ethnic Tigreans protest in Addis Ababa came a little late as it could have been more meaningful had it been soon after the TPLF decided to invade areas in Afar and Amhara regions where it carried out massive massacres of innocent civilians.

The protest came at a time the defeat of TPLF made news headlines in Ethiopian media. The terrorist group is entirely dislodged from Afar region and from many parts of Amhara region over the past ten or so days.

However, the group has wreaked havoc to infrastructures including hospitals, schools and airports – among others – in addition to the massacre of civilians in many areas.

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  1. these are eritreans , I found two eritreans i knew myself. Some of them were even threatened by PP security members.

    PP is forcing everyone and intimidating everyone who refuse to comply with its horrendous campaign.

    down amharanized ethiopia.


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