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Ethiopian forces controlled more towns in Shewa and Wollo

Ethiopian forces controlled more towns close to Kemissie and Kombolcha in the Wollo Front 

Newly mobilized Ethiopian forces in the training facilities. (Photo : Defense Force)


At the beginning of November this year, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was making headlines capturing towns after towns in the Afar and Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Since Ethiopian Defense Force strong positions were in the west and east part of the country to deny the TPLF forces a corridor to access the lines to Djibouti and Sudan, the TPLF forces managed to cut the center all the way to Shewarobit and Debresina in Shoa in a matter of a week after controlling Dessie and Kombolcha. A little east of Kombolcha, it controlled places like Degan and Bati and further attempted to control Mille which is said to be strategically important to obstruct Ethiopian import and export lines. But it never managed to capture it. In West Wollo (Wollo is in north central Ethiopia), it controlled areas in Woreilu and Degolo among others. 

The end of the month witnessed a totally different story. TPLF lost more than 80 percent of the areas it controlled in Wollo, Shewa and Afar areas. 

In its latest statement, the government communication ministry said that Mehal Meda (in Shoa), Chefarobit, Harbu and Mekoy (in Wollo) towns are cleared from TPLF forces. These are towns between Kombolcha and Kemissie. 

Government is anticipating that it will dislodge TPLF forces from Kombolcha, Dessie and Kemissie towns in the coming few days. It called on residents in the area under TPLF occupation to not let them escape with firearms. They are advised to close roads with big rocks. 

The TPLF is claiming that it has made a strategic retreat. On Friday, TPLF spokesman Getachew Reda indirectly insinuated his forces have killed thousands. He wrote on social media ” The televised bravado of Abiy Ahmed is being effectively taken care of by our forces on all fronts. Tens of thousands of lives are being wasted away to satisfy the larger-than-life ego of the tyrant in Arat Kilo. We will see what tomorrow has in store for him.” 

The loss to TPLF in dozens of battle places in the past ten days was however very visible. Military analysts in Ethiopia have been suggesting to not give breathing space to TPLF so that it will reorganize and challenge Ethiopia. 

TPLF spokesperson publicly made statements regarding the goal of their war against Ethiopia. He said, they will even go to hell so as to ensure that Ethiopia is disintegrated. 

The Ethiopian government this week said that its goal in the military campaign is to ensure that TPLF will no longer be able to pose a threat to the existence of Ethiopia.

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  1. PM Abiy Ahmed has to make sure that Terrorism is defeated in all fronts. He should go deep in Tigray and disarm TPLF. The Shene terrorist group equally has to be dealt militarily and the threat on the country’s peace in general must be curtailed immediately. Enough is enough; the country cannot afford more bloodshed and destruction. It is crucial the National Emergency stays until the country’s peace is regained in all fonts. The PM popular support level is extremly high and should capitalize on it for his action towards preserving law and order. We have the confidence that the momentum shall not be sabotaged by the clique around him. Lest we forget our Martyrs!! Your sacrifice is not in vain. Enemies have been defeated and suffering in hell.

  2. The words of this little idiot Getachew is so infuriating…doesn’t even know how to threaten properly (maybe the chat hangover). And to think that this guy was the Communications Minister of Ethiopia…OMG, Ethiopia. He will not stop unless one removes his tongue – which may not be far away. Bye Gecho!


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