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Ethiopia’s stolen Royal Sword recovered from a TPLF loyal man office

The recovered sword (source : FBC)


A royal sword that is said to have been missing from the palace was reportedly recovered on Thursday. 

State media said it was recovered from the office of Tekle Birhan Ambaye, a privileged businessman during Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) domination of Federal government power, in Edna Mall, Bole area of Addis Ababa. 

The sword is made from silver with a Lion of Judha on the crown of the handle. Emperor Haile Selassie’ name is engraved on it with Amharic letters. 

Police also said that it had seized a radio communication device along with the sword during the search in the office of Mr. Tekle Birhan Ambaye. 

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  1. No one in any where tops the TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front) when it comes to stealing and lying.
    This group that still calls itself the TPLF, appendages itself only to loot and murder people that do not aligned themselves with TPLF criminal, evil, brutal and greedy habits. From the onset of TPLF ruling until now TPLF is engaged in its looting and killing using UN trucks anything and everything from poor or rich people houses and administration services and hospital buildings that perceived helping Ethiopians that do not like TPLF’s cruelty, looting and murdering habits. The bottom-line is Stealing and lying are the culture of TPLF……..

  2. There is a brand new movie coming soon to the neighborhoods near you. It is an Italian neo-realist movie and Vittorio is coming back from the dead just for the purpose of directing it. It is called Ladro Di Spada starring Tekle Birhan Ambaye. There will also be a section in the same movie that portrays how $30 billion in cool US dollars was hauled away in broad day light between 2010 and 2018 alone. It is gonna be a hit. Don’t miss it!!!


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