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Ethiopian opposition expresses concern about foreign intervention, logistic provision

Balderas for True Democracy, Ethiopian opposition party, expresses concern about the negative impact of foreign intervention. It also accuses Ethiopian government for mistaking commitment for Ethiopia to party support


Balderas for True Democracy Party on Monday said it has got credible information that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front military advance is checked. 

Noting the statement it issued a few weeks ago regarding the strategic objectives and leadership of the war, the party added that the change came after the Ethiopian government took measures that could alter the directions of the war. 

However, it still warns that the government should not use the mobilization effort to garner a political advantage. It wants the government to understand the response to the mobilization effort as a measure of commitment for the unprecedented existential war, not as a support for the ruling party. 

 It called on the government to provide Afar and Amhara special forces and Fano  militia the logistics and firearms they need. Balderas statement was even explicit in making assertions that the government continues to see the militia force in the Amhara region. The provision of logistics seems to have a problem of delay for that reason.

The Balderas Statement, published on Monday, also talked about the danger of foreign intervention in Ethiopia. ” We understood that the trend that Great powers are intervening in the Ethiopian war at different levels is probably an indication that the negative impact it will have in the future for Ethiopia’s existence and stability could be a tough one,” Balderas  said. Balderas does not seem to have the problem that the war is becoming more internationalized. 

Furthermore, the party also called for the government to release Eskinder Nega, leader of the party, and other party leaders so that they can contribute in the effort for peace. In that regard, the party highlighted the traditions of Ethiopian leaders when they marched to the battle front. Before they marched to the battle front, said the statement, Ethiopian leaders used to ask for forgiveness for those who wronged them and give amnesty for prisoners. PM Abiy marched to the battlefront on Tuesday last week – a development that is said to have even strengthened mobilization and also morale of the Defense Force. The TPLF forces have already lost control of several places in the Bati front in the past fews days.  

Eskinder Nega has been in jail for well over a year now over trumped up charges of inciting violence in the aftermath of the assassination of the Hachalu Hundessa in June 2020. Abiy Ahmed’s government has been criticized for a long time now in connection with the arrest of Balderas Party leader. 

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