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Living The American Nightmare

American Nightmare _ Ethiopia

By Samuel Estefanous

For the fifth time the American Embassy in Addis issued a red flagged scary bulletin urging all Nationals of the United States and family to flee the country-using all and every means available. One would naturally assume the country is going down in flames and that it is facing an apocalyptic doomsday wrath or something. The true fact of the matter is there is nothing of the kind to slightly suggest and warrant taking such a terrorizing measure on the part of the Embassy. 

I was amused by the increasingly ludicrous vibe and exaggerated tone of the bulletins. No matter how much the level of peace and security in Addis is deteriorating in the fertile imaginations of the folks at the Embassy, looks like Americans are totally ignoring it. I am sure they are yet to publish a sixth round of their terrorizing notice to no meaningful avail. It is so ironic that while the Embassy is doing its very best to literally chase out Americans from Ethiopia, high profile Americans of Ethiopian origin are actually flocking back home.   

Seriously, what is it the United States longs to see in Ethiopia, a country swimming in a bloodbath of its destitute citizens? 

Out there in their affluent home country, they are chasing and living their cherished American dream but they are subjecting the rest of the world to the full force of the horrors of the American nightmare. I wonder if regular Americans are aware of the now familiar American nightmare-the premium American export brand.  

Enough already! How many Nations are to be destroyed, how many people are going to be sacrificed at the altar of American hegemony for the United States to be Great Again if it has ever been that is?  I will have to ask this-how many people had died at the hands of the Nazi butchers in a span of four years and how many people have died as direct or indirect consequence of the American nightmare these past seventy years? 

In retrospect,

1-The generosity of the American public is beyond reproach but if they think there is any aid implied in the USAID endeavors, they are totally wrong. The aid dollar doesn’t so much as trickle down to the needy but consumed and expended en route. What remains to the needy is the leftovers. True, it has created a wealthy, small, loyal, local army of Lords of Poverty but everybody knows these are liabilities both to the recipient and donor countries. We are not that scared of poverty to trade our honor for leftover meals.  

2-For a country that prints the motto ‘we trust in God’ on its currency, it is the height of indecency, to say the least, to hold weak and poor Nations hostage to be ransomed by USAID. Worst of all, the intention to systematically keep them in perpetual poverty so that they would be obliged to be unwilling mercenaries of American rude hegemony is unworthy of the American public.

3-I have a tattered hard cover copy of Carl Sandburg’s biography of Lincoln for as long as I remember and every time I reread  a passage I have always had this impression like even the hard core abolitionists cared only about the stains on their consciences and not about the sad fate of the slaves. You know like a vegan’s sensitivity to the welfare of animals.   Contrary to conventional wisdom, America is founded on the solid rocks of cruel subjugation, shameless conquest, naked vice and crude avarice. A Nation thus created can’t act without malicious intentions towards other Nations.

4-Honor and honesty are alien words to the American foreign relation policy. You know what George Herbert Bush promised the gullible Gorbachev? Once the latter breaks up the Soviet Union and ‘release’ the ‘satellite’ countries to the West of its boundary; America and NATO would stay where they were and Russia would become a friendly allied Nation of the United States. 

Dear old Gorbi broke up the mighty Soviet Union and fifteen weak, poor and salivating poodle states were created on its ruins to the delight of the United States. A clown called Boris N. Yeltsin, took the helm of the state of the Russian Federation and turned the hitherto proud Nation into a bankrupt, corrupt and despicable country, again to the delight and pride of the United States. America became a good friend of a humiliated poor Russia and hailed it as a burgeoning democracy. Clinton and Yeltsin became great chums, the former liked Yeltsin most when he was in his cups, drunk and a disgrace to himself and his country.

In the twilight hours of his administration, Yeltsin did something quite unexpected; he totally redeemed himself by handpicking a young fiercely determined Russo-centric native of St. Petersburg as his prime minister.

Putin was no Gorbi, neither was he a wasted Yeltsin, he stood his ground and was determined to make Russia Great Again and he did, too, and made an instant enemy out of America. America cannot stand a prosperous and proud Russia. America will ever remain an enemy to the Russian Federation for as long as the latter is prosperous and proud. So to make it pay for its presumed crime, America forced East Europeans countries to join a military alliance against Russia. Relentlessly it has been trying to foment revolution after revolution in the Russian Federation and the ‘near abroad’. It is using a country it has turned into a bankrupt corrupt third world Nation in Europe as a safe ground to hound Russia. Sounds familiar? You bet it does!

5-The United States will never let us be as long as we refuse to submit to its humiliating demands flat out, no question asked. As it is using the unfortunate Ukraine to make the Russian Federation one huge restive weak Nation, it is going to bribe the Sudan to bend its Sovereign will to host belligerent forces or forge into our territory unchallenged.

6-Musevini had said he hated Trump less than he did other US Presidents. You know why? According to  the veteran African leader, all American leadership consider African Nations bullshit  countries only Trump had the nerve to say it  clear and loud. We are playgrounds for the untamed adventures of rookies at the state department and some hawkish ill tempered and short fused condescending scholars like Samantha Powers.

7-Look closely, look at what America has done to the richest country in central and south America-Venezuela. The oil rich country used to bankroll mega projects in Cuba and other less fortunate neighboring countries, now Venezuelans are reduced to unwelcome beggars in Colombia and Chile, among other places. What did it do? Has it got any territorial claim against the US? Has it ever threatened the interest of the United States? Absolutely not! Its cardinal sin in the eyes of the United States is it has refused to fox trot with America. 

8-When TPLF waged the war, it did a grand miscalculation. It pretty much knew it wouldn’t stand a chance against a hundred million Ethiopians. But it certainly counted on the army of the presumed ‘clay soldiers’ it had believed it had handmade and hand delivered in the past twenty and seven odd years. It has assumed the ethnocentrism it has been nurturing and advancing for half a century would come to its rescue. Wrong.

Ethiopians keep their country in a safe lock, deep in their hearts where hardly anybody could reach. By the same token America counts on the army of West leaning, west educated scholars and a bunch of Quislings it keeps on its payroll to advance and press it’s interests on other nations. But in one old poor proud Nation called Ethiopia, the sophisticated theories of its entire think thanks and pundits have failed it big time.

9-God Bless                            


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  1. Wow thank you Sam. It says it all – greedy, fatty western scums think they can rule the world. No, the time of the East has come. China and Russia are rising and would soon pull the wool over the western evil empire. The elderly ladies in the state department and USAID will go to hell in 10 years time. Ethiopia will not touch any wheat from the greedy west this year. Everything will turn out as prophesized… bad xmas is coming

    • You are absolutely right in your comment, but keep in mind that Russia and China are no better but like America works for their own individual self interest. Frankly, Africa and Africans have no friends but with critical thinking and flexibility we can outwit them all and regain the rights to our inheritance (natural resources) that these nations covet. Our problem is that we as Africans are sitting on the world’s richest piece of real estate(Africa) ,and they know if we can get a firm control of it we would actually control the world, and so not only Europe and America but the whole non-black world will conspire to not let that happen.


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