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U.S. entertains dangerous scenario in Ethiopia: Political activist

Andrew Korybko  _ U.S . Ethiopia
Andrew Korybko (via AMC)


Bahir Dar, Moscow-based American political analyst said that the U.S. would like to repeat the Afghan scenario in Ethiopia through evacuating its citizens and uninvited military intervention as the conflict is pretending to be incapacitated.

In his article entitled with “The U.S. Is Dangerously Flirting with the Afghan Scenario in Ethiopia,” Moscow-based American political analyst Andrew Korybko said that Ethiopia might suspect that the U.S. has ulterior motives in threatening an uninvited military intervention into the country on the pretext of evacuating its citizens who thus far don’t even want to leave because they still feel safe in the capital.

According to Andrew, the U.S. military force has excessive desire to intervene in Ethiopia and Flirting the Afghan scenario to in. In this regard, CNN reported, the U.S. special operations force in Djibouti aspires to enter Ethiopia, if the situation is worsening. He has also exposed to the reader how dangerous that the U.S. is flirting with the Afghan scenario in Ethiopia.

He remembered that the terrorist TPLF attacked the Northern Command Ethiopian National Defense Force’s (ENDF) stationed in Tigray provoked the latest war and the means of conceived a law enforcement operation-an anti-terrorist campaign. However, the U.S. has been pressuring the legitimate government as regard the terrorist group as political equals. The American Congress also introduced a bipartisan bill that threatens more sanctions against the Ethiopian government.

Misleadingly called the “Ethiopian Peace and Democracy Promotion Act of 2021” (EPDPA),” it demands exactly what Blinken did under the threat of sanctioning officials who continue the war as well as the country’s foreign arms partners. The TPLF has been expanding the conflict in to neighboring Afar and Amhara states especially the ENDF’s withdrawn from the Tigray State because of unilateral ceasefire, Andrew stated.

Although Djiboutian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssef to tweet that his government won’t allow its American military guests to use their base there for hostile intervention in the neighboring countries, the U.S. officials continued the fear monger on Ethiopian capital—Addis through evacuate their citizens. However, Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S. Fitsum Arega told Russia’s Sputnik that “It is regrettable that some should try to create fear and alarm as a pressure strategy in aid of the TPLF.” He also claimed that Addis is safe and peaceful.

As to Andrew, all this the U.S. dramatic approach, particularly its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advisory said the group able to doing anything as being as there is nothing stopping it from doing what the U.S. wants to do whilst it shows its level of hidden interest.

He further noted that it is dangerous because Ethiopia is a sovereign state that doesn’t want the U.S. military entering its territory without permission to evacuate the American citizens that have thus far voluntarily declined to heed their government’s advice to leave.

These tensions are a way of coercing Addis into treating the terrorist-designated TPLF as its political equal. All these situations towards to influence western figures, because the U.S. via proxy war through the terrorist TPLF is weaken Ethiopia and obtained geostrategic reasons connected to its new cold war with China.

He underlined that since Ethiopia has historically led the continent’s anti-imperialist and pan- African movements, it could set a positive example for all others to follow if the U.S. doesn’t punish it for defying its hegemonic will, EPA reported.

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  1. The US interference in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia is not acceptable and will damage its interests. The Biden administration is shortsighted in backing the TPLF because such a policy is rejected by the majority of Ethiopians.

  2. Subject:: U.S. entertains dangerous scenario in Ethiopia: Political activist by Andrew Korybko (via AMC), November 28, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 29 Nov 2021
    In the prism of the The MIGHTY GLORIOUS MASTER of the WORLD, It does not matter what the world think — let alone a black underdeveloped country. What the master mighty United States of America is doing is to make sure that no country goes off the track of discipline enshrined by the MASTER of the World. Full Stop

    With that background, The USA action of seemingly in favour of Tigray is just for the birds. Under different circumstance Tigray will will just be thrown for the birds. But here is a slick, marvellous, deception: Tigray — yes, Tigray — is using the Mighty USA to accomplish her own agenda — to conquer the ENTIRE NORTHERN PART of ETHIOPIA. Why Not ?! The WESTERN WORLD has been doing it for time immemorial, and still doing it, with polished maneuvering. So the cardinal question of the moment is simple: Who will win : USA or Tigray . Please, never underestimate the cunningness of Tigray. After all, why shouldn’t a “BLACK” race be smart.????

    But circumstances made the different races to think in a cocked way. Any way, concentrating on the subject hand, : who ever thought that the Mighty USA would be insidiously challenged and difeated by the humble Tigray? What an amazing extraordinary maneuvering that the world would witness & please, please, please refer to the miraculous example in the BIBLE. OHHHH AHHH. I LOVE the development. OH! I can’t wait to witness the resurrection of biblical miracle, before my time is over.


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