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Documentary : Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed meets with army and commanders in battle front


A day after PM Abiy Ahmed shared a video clip, in which he was talking to Oromia Broadcasting Network journalist, on his Twitter page, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) has released a thirty-five minutes long documentary ( much of it repetition) about Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed trip to the battle front where the Ethiopian forces achieved a significant victory over the TPLF terrorist forces.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is seen meeting, greeting and encouraging Ethiopian troops and their commander in the Kasagita front.

“Did you know that you are winning?” PM Abiy asked the troops he was visiting. “Yes!” was the answer from the army who displayed a great spirit. And the PM said, “We are not stopping now until we fly the Ethiopian flag [on the grave of the TPLF forces].”

TPLF has suffered a crushing defeat and lost several locations of strategic significance. Yet, it is far from over as many areas in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, including in Shoa – central Ethiopia , are under the control of the TPLF forces.

Celebrating the PM ( he is even referred to as “the King”) sounds a little early. At this point, the victory is more political in the sense that Western powers’ machination, with the leadership of the United States, to create confusion with the aim to topple the government and help the TPLF take over Addis Ababa is defeated. The military one is far from over. At least seven million people are languishing under TPLF, not to mention the people in Tigray.

Video credit : Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (Public Domain)
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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