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12 Top level TPLF commanders killed in battles near Bati and Kemissie

TPLF _ Ethiopia
Legesse Tulu , Minister for Government Communication (photo : ENA)


The Ethiopian government on Wednesday said twelve top level Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) military commanders were killed in battle. 

From the briefing by government communication minister, Legesse Tulu, the commanders were killed in two different but adjacent battle fronts : Bati Front and Kemissie front. 

They were killed following two days of operation on both fronts. Government described the operation as a special one. Seemingly, paratroopers of the Ethiopian Defense Force were deployed in the operation.  

A TPLF contingent of army that was reportedly reorganizing for an offensive is reportedly annihilated by coordinated operation of the Defense Force, Afar and Amhara Special Force and militia.   

The identities of TLF military leaders killed in action are undisclosed. However, it was said that they were indicted on treason charges and a court order was issued on them. 

The Ethiopian forces have opened an offensive on all fronts just a day after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday this week announced his decision  to march to an undisclosed battlefront to lead the army personally. 

Unconfirmed sources emerging on social media indicate that several places that were captured by TPLF are now freed and that TPLF is on the retreat in some fronts in the north although its fighters are still fighting in Shoa, central Ethiopia. 

The TPLF has not yet remarked about the killing of its 12 top army commanders in Bati and Kemisse area. 


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  1. I say to this official this: Prove it! I need names of the commanders and what were their ranks in Debre’s army and where they were in the ENDF before they went AWOL. I have said this more than once before and am gonna say it again. The only way I can believe any claim of success by the Abiy’s regime is when and only when the claim is verified and certified by the dear editors of this esteemed website. I feel like I was lied to and bamboozled more than once by the top brass over there before and I refuse to be had again. So the ocular proof please!!!!


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