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Ethiopia to handle battlefront information differently. Restrictions introduced

Highest governing body of the state of emergency has introduced measures to enhance effectiveness of campaign for the existence of Ethiopia 


The way battlefront information was handled has been bothersome for many Ethiopians. Youtubers and activists, and local media outlets did seem to have unfettered access to detailed information about battles including pictures and video footage. 

That seems to change if the new regulation is going to be implemented strictly. Ethiopia’s State of Emergency Command Post on Thursday introduced a new regulation restricting the sharing of information about military operations. 

“The existential campaign we are in needs to be executed with ultimate caution and strict discipline. Therefore, all military activities, battle engagements and outcomes can only be disclosed by a designated body…” said the statement by the state of emergency, as reported by state media ENA.

Apart from restricting media, including digital ones, the state of emergency command post said civilian or military leaders in the battle front can not disclose any form of information and make any statements about the operations.  Law enforcement bodies are authorized  to take measures on those violating the new regulation. 

Ethiopia declared a six months old state of emergency earlier this month after the TPLF forces took control of Dessie and Kombolcha towns. The Command Post is given highest authority ,including introducing any necessary regulations, so as to ensure the security of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. 

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) have launched a coordinated attack on Ethiopia with the aim not only to topple PM Abiy Ahmed’s government but also to disintegrate Ethiopia. 

These terrorist forces, as designated by the Ethiopian parliament, have been getting support from state actors with hostility towards Ethiopia. 

Ethiopians in the country and abroad have been protesting foreign intervention, including by the United States and its allies,  in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

Apart from restricting information by the media and unauthorized government officials (civilian or military), unauthorized use of law enforcement body uniforms and the uniform of the Defense Force is prohibited. Anyone who is using uniforms will have to prove membership of the forces whose uniform she/he is using with a valid photo I.D. or face consequences. 

It also warned entities who are exploiting the security situation in the country to challenge the constitutional order and attempt the formation of a “transitional government”. 

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  1. “The way battlefront information was handled has been bothersome for many Ethiopians.”

    The issue has less to do with “Youtubers” and more moreso with a lack of official government updates with what is happening, which has resulted in the TPLF dominating the narrative. Cracking down on YouTubers will not help this situation. Providing frequent, meaningful updates would perhaps resolve this.



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