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How U.S. Media Whitewashes TPLF Atrocities to Push Regime Change In Ethiopia


Although the CNN was the leading one, many of the US mainstream media have been distorting facts and misinforming their audiences about the conflict in Ethiopia. 

The US media seem to have been motivated by the U.S. regime change agenda in Ethiopia.

Rania Khalek from Breakthrough News discussed the topic with Jemal Countess, “a photojournalist with Getty Images and Redux Pictures who was formerly based in Ethiopia and has reported from around the country since the war started,” as described by BT.

Watch video below

Video : embedded from BreakThrough News YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Media bias? This is bias to point of full of errors, too.

    What credibility does this guy have when
    he is is stating what he “heard or was told”. And gets the dates messed up.

    • Do you believe “Time” “CNN” “BBC”?? Are they really credible? How much purposeful error do they carry? This brother was there with his own people, and have family there and have taken photographs of his being on ground with the people and have interviewed some. People are more open to their own kind then of the ‘other’…FACT


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