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Agenda Setting for Global Political Change: A Reflection on Current Ethiopian Situation

Image source : Expert Legal Review

Taye Berhanu /PhD 

The world is, more than ever, encountered with an unprecedented new type of Cold War situation. The end  of the Cold War that had ushered in hope for global peace, security and cooperation in the early 1990s did  not last long. Hopes and wishes remain in vain. The age-long hidden conspiracies of the erstwhile  colonialists and neo-colonialists have brewed inimical and anti-human policies under the pretext of  defending democracy, human rights and humanitarian concerns. The hegemonic policies of the US and  its allies remain incompatible with the agreed principles of international relations, human rights  and moral values and norms.  

The non-decayed seeds of 1884 Scramble for Africa which signaled the ulterior motives for perpetual  political and economic domination of the world by the few seem to unearth. The recent escalated sordid  conspiracies directed against Ethiopia and the Horn portend the looming future of the world. The unholy  alliance of certain quarters being perpetrated against the independence, territorial integrity, freedom  and unity of Ethiopia is, obviously, a direct attack against Africa’s hard-won sacrifices – the  decolonization of Africa and the foundation of the OAU/AU – with ill-intentions to obstruct Africa’s  struggle for complete political and economic independence. The strategy has been, as always, to  entangle Africa with ethnic disturbances and civil wars so as to fetter it with the past chains of slavery.  

Why Global Political Change Agenda? 

The global political change agenda is necessitated by many and varied reasons. Tragedies in all corners  of the world – Asia, Africa, Latin America – are raging with little or no concern to questioning the  transgressors of international norms, conventions and human moral standards – all major culprits on  individual and entity basis. The unexpected positions of the current US and some Western governments  and the role of electronic and print medias of the West, notably, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Washington Post,  Reuters, the Standard and others on the Ethiopian situation have unmasked their camouflaged anti human rights and pseudo humanitarian concerns.  

It is unprecedented in world history to witness the unholy alliance of certain government bodies and  their propaganda machinations and the UN casting the whole world to a sea of bewilderment by  supporting a terrorist organization that aimed at destabilizing a sovereign state. It is, indeed, confusing  and frustrating to see icons of civilizations turn against human rights, albeit the rhetoric. This is evidently  disclosed by the group they support – the TPLF. 

The TPLF, propped up since its creation by foreign foes, has been grotesquely engaged to disintegrate  the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. With the unreserved support of foreign enemies, it has left  no stones unturned to destabilize the nation. It has, perpetually, sown seeds of mistrust and hatred  amongst the Ethiopian people. Its terrible acts of horror have been bolstered through various means,  including material and financial support, fake stories and propaganda warfare. Surprisingly, despite its  pronouncements of Albanian communism, it had enjoyed all-round support under the then Cold War  situation. Because, for some Ethiopia’s disintegration was the chosen option even in the face of the then  antagonistic ideological divisions. 

The TPLF, imposing the ethnic based racist nature of Federal Constitution, had, in the name of the  Tigrigna speaking people of Ethiopia, controlled and dominated the economy, political power and the  military. Had it not been to the patience of the Ethiopian people, the country could have been torn apart  long ago. Under TPLF’s rule, all sorts of inhuman atrocities, human rights violations, massacres on ethnic  basis, internal displacements, extrajudicial imprisonments and death sentences, tortures in prisons,  persecutions of journalists, activists and members of opposition parties, destruction of properties and  migrations have been rampant.  

Invariably, democracy has been cruelly degraded and the nation’s assets have been plundered. It had  trampled its own Constitution and party rules by refusing a majority decision of its own making, the  EPRDF and the parliament. In flagrant violation of the Constitution and the rule of law, its heinous  crimes culminated by savagely attacking about 6.000 members of the North Command of the Federal  Defense Force on 3 November 2020. Ignoring the unilateral ceasefire of the Federal Government, it launched war of aggression against its own people in Amhara, Afar and other regions in collaboration with groups of its own nature. It has committed its genocidal crimes in Maykadri at a larger scale 

massacring more than 1568 people (Gondar University study) and other places. It had made provocative  attacks against Eritrea. It is no wonder that the Ethiopian Parliament designated the TPLF and  OLF/Shene as terrorist organizations.  

It continues to be a bewilderment, regrettably, why the US Government, the UN and the EU support  such a group/s. Something beyond comprehension, a specter of unhealthy political environment is  haunting the world. This situation calls for a global radical and transformational political change. In this  regard, all concerned, including the culprits, have a stake to play their individual and collective  responsibilities. One cannot conclude that leaders are led astray to unimaginable proportions simply by  fake news, misinformation and disinformation It is indispensable that the parties undertake their  respective investigations. Those forces that have stood determined and resolute in their principles as  demonstrated at UN Security Council meetings, like China, Russia, India and Kenya and others need to  further strengthen their joint actions, dedication, redouble their efforts and commitment to the  protection of the lofty objectives and principles of the UN and AU as enshrined in the respective  charters.  

What is Expected from the US Government? 

It is disheartening with unfinished bewilderment to have learnt that the grand sons of the Founding  Fathers of the US, who had made tremendous sacrifices to bring it to its present high global place and  the architect of the UN, have taken inappropriate positions that could mar the longstanding relations  between Ethiopia and USA with possible adverse complications to the future global political milieu. The  US government’s positions on Ethiopia’s civil war and its sovereign right on the Blue Nile River do  contradict its own foreign policy and the cardinal principles of the UN. Alas, its positions rekindle the  reminiscent of the obnoxious Cold War situations. It is loathsome as well for the US people to witness a non-colonial power and defender of democracy and human rights forging alliances and conspiring to  revive the decadent memory of the 1884 Scramble for Africa.  

Apparently, it is the sole right of the US Government to take measures that could make a rift in  economic cooperation with any country. But, interfering in one’s internal affairs is a flagrant violation of  the international norms, principles and conventions; which the entire world hardly ignores. So, what is  glaringly more important for Ethiopia is to see the US cease its interference in its internal affairs. 

Precisely, the call is as demonstrators all over the world have echoed, “Hands off Ethiopia!”. In view of  the long relationship the two countries have enjoyed, it is not the interest or wish of Ethiopia to see  USA’s image being tarnished by the misguided positions of the Administration. As Mr. Biden has  corrected his predecessor’s policy on climate change, it is high time that he does same to Mr. Trump’s  and his erroneous positions on Ethiopia and by implication on Africa and the entire world. 

The Discredited International Media Outlets 

The sources of world news and information are local and international media outlets. Nowadays, social  media is playing both positive and negative roles that need close scrutiny. For many, the international  medias like the CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera have been considered as reliable sources of news and  information. The writer and, presumably, many others have reached to a habit of drinking, eating and  sleeping CNN, as the Coca Cola adv goes, to get updated on the world situation. The Ethiopian situation  has given the developing world a new reality. Though for years there were certain reservations on their  works due to their biases and silence on major issues of national concerns, lack of alternative sources  has obliged many to rely on their services. Now, all is gone! The credibility of the CNN and others has  shifted to incredibility. 

During the reign of TPLF for 27 years, the infringements of human rights, the trampling of democracy  and the atrocities committed on ethnic basis by the TPLF were given little or no coverages by the said  medias. In most cases, they had preferred silence. Yet, these huge networks continued to gain the  respect by many. The ousting of the TPLF and its escalated intransigencies have left the ones reverend  organizations naked. They have exposed their true natures of being false narrators and biased  propagandists. Consequently, many attempt to unswallow what they have baked about Afghanistan,  Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia and others. 

Today, all news and information meshed in is under question. Ethiopians and others across the world  regret for ignoring the frustrations and anger of ex-President Trump at CNN’s fake news. Mr. Trump used to utter the word “Fake News” directed at CNN, BBC and others for almost every day of his total  tenure. Sorry, Mr. Trump for not taking you seriously and sincerely. One cannot not feel the pinch of  others until he/she gets similar experience. Now, it is hard to believe what these organizations spread. 

Their news and documentary like narrations on the Ethiopian situation are all biases filled with  misinformation and disinformation. The CNN management and others as well have to seriously  investigate their reporters and political analysts who are no less comrades in-arms of the terrorist  groups.  

To regain the respect and good images, it is imperative that they undertake investigations on the local  representatives, reporters and international correspondents. No one wants these bodies to remain  discredited for unreliable, bias and fake news. If corruption is done away with in here, the world will  have reliable sources for the benefit of mankind. Otherwise, no one wins or cherishes out of  misinformation and disinformation. However, eventually, truth shall prevail. 

The Strange Roles of the United Nations 

The UN, whose primary objective is to defend the independence, territorial integrity, unity and  sovereignty of nations irrespective of power, economic or military, emboldens strange and awkward  roles. It is being led by few who are, with due respect, intoxicated or blinded by the high post they hold. 

They have forgotten their limits and mandates by acting as bosses of member states. They side with  terrorist organizations, evidently, an infringement of the lofty objectives and missions of the UN and an  affront to member states. It is an open secret that the UN ignores protests against the appointment of  individuals on criminal backgrounds. Those who stand for justice and truth are called off from their work  places.  

In today’s 21st century, the UN has hit a lightening record of bringing an agenda of same issue on a  member state twelve times in the Security Council. Same issues that were clearly and unambiguously  closed by the principled stands of Russia, China, India, Kenya and others were recycled repeatedly with a  futile exercise to have a resolution against the Ethiopian government. It is a new live record to witness  the rigorous and vigorous debate of the Secretary General in defense of a terrorist organization and  against a member state. The UN does not seem now to be a body of member nations. Rather, it seems,  and is, an independent body that stands against a member in disregard to its charter. This is clearly and  vividly demonstrated by placing a high official of the UN body, the WHO, to work with impunity against  his own country; thus, permitting abuse of power and committing crimes. The UN has adamantly  displayed its awful disregard to voices of protesters opposing the appointment of an alleged criminal for  a high post, the WHO. 

All this casts doubts that the UN and its agencies are infested with corruption. One can infer that it is  now a house where demerits and sinister conspiracies are being hatched freely with undeterred  corruption practices. The unflinching efforts of the precedent heads of the UN, including the late Koffi  Annan for restructuring and fighting corruption in the UN are shelved aside. Such practices cannot be  tolerated by member states. 

It is high time that the members of the UN particularly those who are peace loving peoples and  principled members of the Security Council and the AU rise up for a fundamental transformation of this world body before it falls with abashed shame like the League of Nations. Without delay, the dangerous  trend of the UN has to be arrested.  

In a nutshell, the political change agenda shall focus on the current dangerous and obnoxious behaviors of some quarters from governments’ leaders and international media outlets, all misguided by few  individuals’ misinformation and disinformation propaganda machines. Incontrovertibly, the positions of  the US Administration, the UN, the EU and some international media on the Ethiopian situation have  signaled the need for the awakening of the world for a new international order in the interest of  mankind. In light of this, peace-loving and democratic forces shall forge an alliance to withstand the  political winds which are no less threatening to environment problems.  

In today’s priority setting, political change shall take over the place of all other issues, including climate  change. Democracy degradation is more devastating than soil degradation. Likewise fake news emission  is more dangerous than gas emission. The remnants of colonial and neo-colonial mentality that brewed  hatred, racism, discrimination, exploitation shall avert to avoid devastating consequences more than the  two world wars. The heirs of the Founding Fathers of USA and the leaders of Western democracy shall  cease steering the world to the troubled oceans of unknown but clear destinations of world destruction.  It is tragic and frustrating to note that the sacrifices that have been made for the independence, unity  and democracy, freedom and fraternity are being spoiled by few lobbyists, money launderers, corrupted  officials and incredible fake news creators. 

Obviously, the said sinister conspiracies are against the wishes and interests of the peoples and some  members of the US and the West governments. As there were peace-loving forces that fought against  colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism and all sorts of human rights violations, there are still some who  resolutely stand for justice, freedom, independence, equality and dignity of mankind irrespective of  race, creed, color or any other. It is, therefore, imperative that all peace loving and democratic forces  forge an alliance to counter inhumane and undemocratic trends in the interest of mankind. This is a timely call for the international community to set a global agenda for a political change. 


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