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Ethiopia’s ruling party upper echelons resolve to march to battle front


Prosperity Party, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s ruling party, top officials on Monday said that they will march to the war front to take part in the campaign to ensure the existence of Ethiopia. 

Alemu Sime, member of executive committee, said the party leadership passed a decision to march to the battle front and lead the war. 

PM Abiy Ahmed, president of the party, announced on Monday that he will be in the battlefront starting Tuesday this week. There seems to be a mixed feeling among Ethiopians about it. 

Some see it as relevant for the mobilization Ethiopia is undertaking to overcome foreign powers’ proxy war through the agency of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its affiliates like the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). 

Others seem to think that it is better for the Prime Minister and some other key party officials to provide leadership from the capital Addis Ababa rather than marching to the battle front.
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  1. The decision by the leadership of the ruling party to join soldiers at the battle fronts is commendable and admirable. But I am getting somewhat mixing feelings from such a decision. It is not new for the old country to see its leaders marching to war fronts with their soldiers. Some rulers had lost their lives in famous battles in the past. Some of them had lost the battles and others were triumphant to make this beyond repair Afro/Ethio-Centric very proud centuries later. Those who lost and were triumphant pretty much grew up amidst chaotic and conflict riddled society. They knew the trade of waging wars from experience. So the question is how many of these members of the leadership have military experience? Are all fit to put up with the physical requirement as soldiers? Then the most critical question is who will fill in the void at the office in the capital? We can all assess the situation at the battle fronts. Currently it is not going well for the regime. Cities after cities have been falling in the hands of Debre and his coolie Shene riff raffs. If the report on is true they are just 100 km from the capital. I hope this not a mass suicide mission by the leaders of the ruling party. Boy! My hopes with this young and visionary PM were sky high when he first burst into the leadership role. At that time the country was having its last gasp. He managed to resuscitate it back to life for some time until bigots ran amok wreaking havoc throughout the country. And now this!!! Fate had given that country the last chance in April 2018 and will be no more such a chance. This is it. This young PM was and is it!!! The writing is on the wall. The barbarians are at the gate!!! Once they managed to enter the capital Debre’s hoodlums they will rob and haul away every fork and spoon from every house standing. They will sweep it clean. Every foreign aid will be funneled and hauled away to the motherland!!!! That is because nobody will be watching since the entire 120 million inhabitants will be on the move in every direction. Talk about mayhem and bloodshed! This is going to be on steroid!!! Mark my word for it!!!!


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