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TPLF has lost fortified trench in Bati- Asagita front, says Ethiopian government

Ethiopian government claimed decisive victories in the Bati-Asagita front but it did not say anything about the capture of Woreilu in Wollo. 

Captured TPLF fighters whose video footage was released on Thursday (Photo : screenshot from FBC video)


The Ethiopian government on Friday said Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fortified trench in Bati- Asagita Front, in the Afar and Amhara region, is destroyed. 

The place that is under the control of Ethiopian forces is said to be of strategic significance. 

“The enemy forces that reorganized itself with all its power and appeared in the Bati-Asagita front were entirely annihilated,” said the statement from the government communication office.  Government estimates put the number of TPLF fighters who were deployed in the same front  to well over tens of thousands. 

According to the statement, it was “Army 4” force of the TPLF that was deployed in the aforementioned front. 

There has been fighting for about a week in the area and the TPLF defeat in the area came after  a day long non-stop battle, it was said.

Two strategic mountains where the TPLF had a trench are currently in the hands of the Ethiopian forces.

Hundreds of TPLF fighters are captured. Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), state owned media, aired video footage of captured TPLF soldiers who confessed about the looting and destruction of properties in Afar and Amhara region. Watch the video HERE. 

Sizable firearms were seized from the defeated TPLF forces. The Ethiopian Defense Force., Afar region special forces and militia took part in the battle. 

As stated in several reports by Ethiopian publishers, including borkena, the TPLF aimed to control the route to Djibouti by capturing Mille. When the battle in Mille was lost, it retreated to the Bati-Asagita area where it reorganized its forces. 

The TPLF has not denied about the loss it reportedly suffered  in Bati- Asagita or confirmed it. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that TPLF got close to Woreilu, West Wollo in Amhara region that is adjacent to Shewa. The Ethiopian government forces have reportedly retreated to Jamma which is said to be a strategic location. 

Similarly, joint TPLF and OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) forces have reportedly encroached on Shewa Robit along the Addis Ababa-Dessie road. 

The news came days after reports that the TPLF has lost huge forces in the areas close to Woreilu and Ataye.
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  1. If this is verified and certified by the dear editors then I will believe the story. Otherwise I will consume it with a grain of salt. Such ‘success’ stories by the regime there always trigger certain questions with me. There I go again: Where is Dessie? Where is Weldiya? Forget about Lalibela but where are Kombolcha, Kemise, Bati and Haik? Hello Abiy, Jula and Bacha? What is up with these cities? Don’t try to talk to me until you come up with answers!!! I don’t need any mouths from you with ‘our glorious history this and or our glorious forefathers that. That ain’t gonna fly with me!!! I want answers about those cities!!! Citizens there and the entire surrounding areas all the way to the border with Tigray had freely voted for and kept you in office. Their hope and faith they had in you was that you would keep them adequately protected them from armed thugs. Those are their domiciles and cities and by extension they are also my cities. So Abiy, Jula and Bacha! What have you done with my cities? What are you doing with Mille now? You better not lose that! I am telling you better not!!! Otherwise you better stop pretending and instead turn in your badges and run to join your former boss in Zimbabwe or come here to scavenge at your favorite missionary canteens.

    • I agree with Mr. Ittu Aba Farda’s entry.
      And I appeal to the Editor, to maintain its respectable record at any cost.
      Finally, I sincerely wish that the Ancient BLACK African Country — ETHIOPIA — maintain its historical GLORY, uniquely special not only in our Continent but also around the World — whether or not European marauders like it or not to the point of initiating division among Africans.. What else can one call the deliberate interference in the affairs an ancient country — ETHIOPIA.. One wonders how the darling of the World, USA would feel if its policy were to be interfered by XYZ. Knowing the answer in advance, why should there be a negative attitude over an Ancient Independent Country NOT LESS THAN ANY COUNTRY AROUND THE GLOBE????? THE END

  2. We want to see videos of the fighting, to convince the Ethiopians that are paying huge price for this war you guys need to show them Proof

  3. Yes, I agree with Ittu. Where is the offense to liberate these cities? Why are not the people of Wollo fighting like the people of Afar instead of running like a chicken? What is wrong with the Amhara people? Did they forget how to fight?

    • There is news today that really shocked me, Jalala. just reported today that strategic town Shewa Robit has fallen into the hands of Debre and his hammaal Shene forces. The website has claimed in several occasions in the past that it has reporters on the ground inside the country. It has mentioned in the report that the ENDF soldiers just left behind heavy guns with mountains of ammo to the rebels and the 500 thousand strong and well armed militia of the Oromia Region was observed just playing hooky and all too oblivious about it. Debre and Shene were reported to have freed thousands of hardened criminals and told them to march into the capital to loot and kill. To me Abiy’s regime is now like a furry dog. A furry dog with all that fluffy skin seems and looks to be alive and kicking just to drop dead without ample warning. I am gonna keep asking the same questions again and again until the cows come home. Where is my/our city Dessie? Who in the heck is just chilln’ in Weldiya, Kemise, Haik, Bati and Kombolcha? Like I said to Abiy, Jula et al before. You better not lose Mille!! I’m telling you, you better not!!! What else do you want from the people? They have given you their last penny in their pockets and most of all they have given you their priceless in their possession; their children. So what is up Abiy, Jula and Bacha? Patriots in their tens of thousands here in our Diaspora have gone to the streets of DC, London, every major city in Europe and Israel to provide you their loud and clear support. I mean loud and earth shaking support. That is because they believed in you that you will protect the safety of citizens they had left behind with their trust in you. So what is up with their cities Dessie, Bati, Kemise, Kombolcha and Weldiya? Hello Abiy! What is up with that? Don’t you dare blame all that on Feltman, Susan or Blinken!!! They are too busy minding their own business!!! Don’t even think about blaming outsiders!!! Please don’t!!! We have enough of that old adage ‘my dog ate my homework’ or Pryor’s child telling him the china she broke was broken already even before she was born. Ain’t gonna fly!!!! What is going on in Shewa Robit now? Hello!!! Hello!!! Is someone upstairs? Hello!!! I gave up!!!!!! I tell you what! With the latest report about Shewa Robit on champagne was popping all over Lexington, Minnesota, Chicago, London, Melbourne and Flint and some joint in DC area. It was so noisy from popping champagne bottles that the birds stopped flying over those areas!!!! Thank you Abiy for letting bigots win this time around!!!!

  4. Debretsion Gebremichael Is dead? Is it true ? media’s are saying high officials are killed with drone and the government is not allowing major media’s to enter.


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