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Ammunition reportedly seized from Ethiopian Church headquarter


About 1,363 ammunition for machine guns and 493 handgun ammunition is reportedly seized at the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church headquarter in Arat kilo area of Addis Ababa. Also two bullet holder boxes and one AK 47 bullet magazine are recovered. 

Ethiopian state media reported that security authorities carried out a search in the storage of the headquarters after they got tips from undisclosed informants. 

It was located in the storage within the premises of the headquarter. 

Addis Ababa Police on Thursday said, on its facebook page, one suspect is in custody but did not disclose identity. 

The development triggered conversation in social media among Ethiopians. Some tend to demonstrate a feeling that it is shocking for thousands of ammunitions to be found in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church. 

Others say it should not come as a surprise since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front has been stocking firearms and heavy artillery rockets in several churches soon after the outbreak of the war about a year ago. 

Police said that  TPLF agents have been using religion as a cover to stock firearms in places of worship and have been causing horrifying massacres. 

However, police did not explicitly say that the suspect in custody is a TPLF agent.  The sentiment among Ethiopians in social media is that only TPLF could be behind the ammunition stocked in the headquarters of the Ethiopian church. 


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