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TPLF’s attempt to capture Woreilu turns into a mirage. Thousands of its forces reportedly annihilated

Woreilu was meant to serve as a springboard to the move to control Addis Ababa. TPLF forces have reportedly lost thousands of its forces in the battle for Mille too and retreated to Bati. 

A member of Afar special force speak to the media about the latest operation in Mille area (Photo : ENA)


Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) aspired to take control of Addis Ababa in no time after controlling Dessie and Kombolcha, which happened about two weeks ago. TPLF backers in the west, including mainstream media outlets, took TPLF for its words and declared that it is over.  

The United States of America issued a travel advisory to warn citizens not to travel to Ethiopia. There was even talks of evacuation of “non-essential staff” from Addis Ababa. There were other countries that followed suit. 

The capture of Addis Ababa did not happen. On the contrary, emerging reports from reliable social media sources seem to suggest that thousands of TPLF forces who were attempting to take control of Woreilu, which they thought be of strategic significance as a springboard to Addis Ababa, are annihilated. 

Amhara Media corporation (AMC) on Tuesday reported that a coordinated operation by Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara Special Forces and Fano militia routed the TPLF forces. 

AMC says  thousands have been annihilated and the commanders that were leading the force are captured. The TPLF leadership did not deny or confirm the losses. 

Many Ethiopians and some activists are, however, warning to avoid complacency and work towards the goal of making TPLF no more a threat to the existence of Ethiopia and peace. 

Dessie and Kombolcha are precedents, not to mention Woldia and Kobo, where the TPLF forces managed to capture the cities even after losing thousands of its forces. 

The fact that TPLF brought the war all the way to parts of Shoa, after taking control of Wollo, is also something to be concerned for many Ethiopians. 

Yet, many seem to see the prospect of complete TPLF defeat in a matter of weeks. Battle updates from other parts of Ethiopia seem to favor that view. 

In Afar region, TPLF forces attempt to take control of Mille town brought them disaster. They are reportedly retreating back to Bati after losing thousands of their fighters. 

Ethiopian State Media, ENA, on Tuesday reported that Afar region special forces coordinated their operation with the Ethiopian Defense Force and militia to check the advance of TPLF forces to Mille. 

Exact number of casualties on both sides unspecified. 

Meanwhile, the house to house searches in the capital Addis Ababa is reportedly yielding results as thousands of ammunition and dozens of assault rifles are seized in the city. Moreover, Ethiopian Defense Force uniforms that were meant to be used for an operation to support the TPLF terrorist group are captured in the capital Addis Ababa and in the outskirts of the city.
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  1. If this news is verified and certified by the editors of this esteemed website, then I will believe it. But the source is the regime or its beneficiary supporters I am gonna take with a grain of salt. I had been bamboozled by the top brass not once but several times in the past and that is enough. What is happening for that city of more than half a million people, Dessie? Who is running the city there? Debre’s forces were said to have been beaten up so bad beyond repair months ago in the areas bordering Tigray and Afar regions. Right? If so how did they get to Mille, hundreds of KMs from Dessie almost at the heart of the Afar region? When did the town of Bati fall? Now I just read a story about the conscription of about 30,000 young men of Addis/Finfine and are being trained to defend the city. I don’t see a problem with that. My difficulty to put my around arms is this. What happened to the ENDF? Were we not treated with an earth shaking military parades in the capital last month? I remember Jula in the video with fiery eyes watching on every soldier in the parade. Folks that reminded of my student days in the Middle East. I used to love watching those military parades by the Egyptian military forces in Al-Qahirah during the years leading to the 1967 war with Israel. Those acrobatic moves by fat cat soldiers on speeding motor cycles would leave you breathless. They put Barnum and Bailey to shame. They put Cirque du Soleil to utter humiliation. Then the 6-Day War came and it was all like ‘O’boy!’ They call it a 6-Day war but for me it was a 1-Day war. The rest of 5 days were used by the Israeli soldiers to clean and round up the fleeing Nasser’s soldiers. There was one report that brought me down to the floor. It was an account where just about 300 Israeli commandos took an entire Egyptian division, more than 12,000 halawa drunk/fattened soldiers prisoners. But there were all very good in parades. Their steps in those colorful parades was so synchronized that you think there was only one soldier marching when there were thousands. They did not skip a beat. Some of those parades were shown for no reason. Sometimes they used to just pop up like what the young generation of our time now calls ‘flash mob’. It was all child play! So where is ENDF? Why is Debre still holding Dessie? Just like what the great Mohammed Ali once said. Somebody has been dreaming over there and they better wake up and apologize to me and millions others. Hey Jula, Bacha and Ably! What’s up with Dessie, Kemise, Kombolcha, Weldiya and Haik? What is going on in and around Mille? You better not lose that! You better not!!!!!! If that happens I want you to turn in your badges and join your former boss in Zimbabwe.


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