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1935 to 2021: From Haile Selassie Gugsa to the TPLF

In 1935, the West betrayed Ethiopia. Is 2021 going to be another year of betrayal by the West?

Haile Selassie Gugsa _  TPLF
Haile Selassie Gugsa (left) with Italian General Emilio de Bono ( Photo Credit : Wikipedia)

By The Alula Aba Nega Collective

The TPLF is a committed student of Goebbels’ practice of the “big lie.” Goebbels claimed, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” For 27 years in power, the TPLF practiced the “big lie” about practicing “democracy” while ruling Ethiopia as the private property of the TPLF, its members and their families. Out of power since 2018 and trying to reconquer it now, it has started another campaign of big lies, the biggest of which is the lie of “genocide.” Thus, seconded by Western media, NGOs and politicians, the TPLF has been incessantly repeating the “big lie” that Ethiopia is committing “genocide” in Tigray. Note that Meles has already conceived the “big lie” of “genocide” in 1991 as a tool to garner the support of Tigreans to keep political and economic power in the hands of the TPLF. 

Far from suffering from “genocide,” the TPLF has invaded the Afar and Amhara regions and murdered innocent people, committed sexual aggression on women, destroyed public property, schools, hospitals, health centers, ransacked villages and towns, devastated farmlands, and plundered harvests, condemning peasants to hunger. The cruelty, depravity and inhumanity of the TPLF is so deep that it even executed cows and oxen in Amhara, and camels in Afar! 

To understand the TPLF’s pathological behaviour, one must consider Africa’s fateful encounter with the West in the 15th century. Throughout the history of this encounter, characterized by the slave trade, horrendous colonial and neo-colonial exploitation, Western powers have always treated the interests of Africans as obstacles to be demolished to ensure the unimpeded exploitation of Africans and the coldblooded siphoning of Africa’s wealth to render Europe powerful economically, politically, and culturally. To facilitate their domination, Europeans recruited power-hungry Africans such as Moïse Tshombé and Jonas Savimbi as “useful” Africans who are willing to sacrifice the interests of their people for a “plate of lentils.”

The cultivation of such “useful” Africans is still the West’s approach to Africa. The fascist invaders of Ethiopia had such a “useful” Ethiopian in 1935: Haile Selassie Gugsa. Since 1991, the West has found its own Haile Selassie Gugsa: the TPLF. Note that in 1935 many Tigreans condemned Haile Selassie Gugsa’s treason. They went to his house and torched it. Tigreans are now getting wise to the Haile Selassie Gugsa nature of the TPLF and have started organizing themselves against it.

 It is not surprising that some Western politicians, NGOs, social media, and journalists engage in hybrid warfare against Ethiopia in their support of their new Haile Selassie Gugsa: the TPLF. They find it “useful” for dislodging Abiy Ahmed’s democratic government. They know that Abiy’s democratic government has the interests of Ethiopians at heart, and therefore will never be the proctor of the West in Africa, as the TPLF has been from 1991 to 2018. 

The new democratic government has frustrated those in the West who want to use Ethiopia as a base for the political, economic, and cultural domination of East Africa, and of Africa in general. They know that the victory of Ethiopia over the TPLF will strengthen Africa’s ongoing resistance to the West’s “developmental exploitation,” “media colonialism,” and “cognitive imperialism.” Hence the present Western vicious chorus to discredit Abiy’s democratic government and to create conditions that will facilitate the return to power of the TPLF.

For Ethiopians, there is a sense of déjà vu in this Western support for the enemy of Ethiopian unity and sovereignty. In 1935, when Fascist Italy invaded and dismantled Ethiopia, many Western governments, politicians, journalists, and academics, some of whom consider themselves “Ethiopianists,” supported Fascist Italy. A prominent pro-fascist “Ethiopianist” was Enrico Cerulli—a predecessor of the present-day pro-TPLF “Ethiopianists”—whom Haile Selassie I wanted to see the United Nations try him in 1948 for war crimes. 

In 1935, the USA, Great Britain, and France abandoned Ethiopia. The Hoare–Laval Pact of 1935 between Britain and France proposed to deliver her to Mussolini. France and Britain recognized Italy’s sovereignty over Ethiopia in 1938. Roosevelt invoked the neutrality Act, but he allowed American companies to continue exporting war-related materials to Fascist Italy. These three countries, who were unwilling to sanction Italy’s naked aggression of Ethiopia propose in 2021 to impose sanctions on Ethiopia because she is defending, as in 1935, her sovereignty against the TPLF effort to dismantle it. Not because they love the TPLF, but because it has been since 1991 a willingly compliant Trojan Horse for facilitating the West’s economic, political and diplomatic domination of Africa, and is willing to continue serving the West’s interests if returned to power.

Anthony Blinken, channeling the ghost of Samuel Hoare, seems to be preparing a new version of the Hoare-Laval Pact, with the TPLF being its main beneficiary as the agent of the West. Hence, the TPLF’s current talk about repeating its 1991 farce of EPRDF with a collection of ethnic individuals who do not even represent their own shadows, but are useful for creating a puppet state in Ethiopia that does the bidding of the West. Isn’t this a new version of the Hoare-Laval Pact? 

2021 seems to replay 1935. Some of the Western “Ethiopianists” and journalists that are campaigning in the New York Times, Le Monde, and other publications are walking in the footsteps of Enrico Cerulli and other Italian Ethiopianists and journalists who supported the Fascist destruction of Ethiopia’s sovereignty in 1935. History repeats itself: “first as tragedy, then as farce,” Thus the farcical nature of those pro-TPLF western “Ethiopianists” and journalists trying to mimic the “Ethiopianists” and journalists of Fascist Italy.

Resistance to foreign diktats is inscribed in the historical DNA of Ethiopia. Since her major diplomatic contact with the West in the 16th century, Ethiopia has become aware that the West was bent on promoting its interests rather than in respecting the interests of Ethiopians. However, throughout history, Ethiopia has successfully triumphed over the West’s encroachment on her sovereignty. Note that Emperor Tewodros and Emperor Yohannes died on the battlefield defending the sovereignty of Ethiopia, Ethiopia has always been a thorn in the West’s imperial ambitions to subjugate peoples of African origin. In defeating a major European power in 1896 at Adwa, she disproved forever the West’s claim of White superiority and inspired the anti-colonial movement. However, the stench of the West’s condescension is still around us, rising from the sanctimonious pronouncements of pro-TPLF western politicians, NGOs, “Ethiopianists,” and journalists. 

In 2021 as in 1935, the West is siding with the TPLF: an anti-democratic organization that is trying to dismantle Ethiopia. The current American support of the TPLF is nothing more than a continuation of the Western neo-colonial practice, always resisted by Africans, to submit Africans to the Haile Selassie Gugsa that serve the West’s interests. The West is now seized with the fear that the victory of Ethiopia over the TPLF would be “a misfortune of the first magnitude” for Western interests, because such a victory marks one more decisive achievement in the liberation of Africans from foreign interference in their domestic affairs. The West is apprehensive that the defeat of the TPLF will fortify the African determination to dismantle the political and economic mechanisms that transfer history-making to the West and reduce Africans to aid recipients. 

The Western chorus in support of the ethicist and anti-democratic TPLF is an effort to erase what W.E.B Du Bois called the “Star of Ethiopia,” a star that he named “Ethiopianism,” a “star” that shines in the firmament of Humanity as the promise of liberation of Africans and people of African descent from Western domination. Mandela, the giant of African history, expressed the truth of Africans in his autobiography Long Walk to Freedom when, on visiting Ethiopia, he wrote, “I felt I would be visiting my own genesis, unearthing the roots of what made me an African,” because he knew that Ethiopia is the symbol of the dignity of Africans. Mandela would have rejected categorically the TPLF and the other Haile Selassie Gugsas of Africa. 

In 1963, Kwame Nkrumah, the liberator of Ghana, wrote a poem entitled, “Ethiopia shall rise.” Indeed, despite the anti-Ethiopian machinations of America and Europe and of their Haile Selassie Gugsa—the TPLF— “Ethiopia shall rise” in 2021, as she has done repeatedly in her long history. 

Let it be clear to all the pro-TPLF western politicians, NGO’s, “Ethiopianists,” commentators, and journalists: Ethiopian history has been made and will continue to be made by Ethiopians and not by Americans, Europeans, and their Haile Selassie Gugsas: the TPLF and its avatars.


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  1. “In 1935, the West betrayed Ethiopia. Is 2021 going to be another year of betrayal by the West?”
    By asking that question, a FUNDAMENTAL CRUEL ISSUE is being forgotten: The RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN WHITE RACE and BLACK AFRICAN RACE.. Sad to say, it will take another eighty-six (86) years.

    • We are black? Riiight, smiling for you 😉

      Why aren’t you including the US betrayal under the following President’s?

      Much shorter than 86 years till the next one, buddy.


  2. Simply put TPLF Terrorist organization is telling the flip story of what it had done and still doing on Amharas. Terrorist TPLF manifesto has been known to have founded TPLF terrorist organization on a sole reason. Hate against Amhara!!! What this entails is that TPLF is and has been slaughtering Amharas day and night, every day, every month and every year since its inception.
    What people should always remember is to switch what TPLF is telling to what TPLF is doing on Amharas.
    Since the inception of TPLF terrorist organization it has been targeting Amharas for torture, killings, raping and destructions. Only God know how many Amharas have vanished in vain…… by TPLF the Amhara haters. TPLF is soaked in jealousy and inferiority complex by the Amharas confidence yet down to earth, faithful and loyal to its people and country that made everyone to trust Amhara as peaceful countrymen.

  3. Banda father only produces coward banda insidious enemy children.
    Which we are dealing with now, The children of the Italian servant, banda, Haile Selassie Gugsa, the corrupt minded TPLF evils.

  4. Now, what is the purpose of using this photo in the article? What is the purpose/message from the writers? This is one metastasizing cancer that has been feeding on the health of the old country. What are the writers trying to ‘preach’ using the photo? Ok we all know that for this or that expedient reason that black man had decided to seek assistance and shelter with the invading fascist bully. Why using his treason to send the intended message across? The use of the word ‘banda’ has been tossed around like candies since the late 1960’s by the darasaas of Marx and Lenin. They were even using the word to demonize and denigrate against another similar commie groups. They used to pass death sentences on those they deemed ‘bandas’. Why digging up and using this shameful photo at this time? I am sure the group that penned this article is made up of educated individuals. They should know better of the fact that there is always a section in any population who lacks the sophistication to look through what they read and hear. How about the photos of those Amhara and Oromo noblemen who traveled all the way to Rome to pay homage to the bloodthirsty Mussolini who gassed their people to death? Where is their photo here? We all know from history that traitor Gugsa defected to the fascists but we also do know the fact that less than 10% of the troops under his command went with him. The rest went back to their villages in their thousands or joined their patriot brothers in their fight against the ruthless foreign bully. Who was that most famous leader of the freedom fighters who kept more than 200,000 soldiers of the fascist army bogged down in the old country for 5 years? If those were available for Erwin Rommel in his battle plan in the North African theater historians agree the outcome could have been different. Every time his name is mentioned this beyond-repair Afro/Ethio-Centric goes into utter trance! I’m talking about none other than The Great Abebe bin Aregai!!! Sometimes I can’t really figure it out what some people are thinking. I really believe and urge editors of esteemed websites like Borkena should rein in on incendiary articles like this one. It will not further the accord for that glorious country we still hold very dear to our hearts. Repairing badly wounded harmony between groups of people is and must be the priority of all of us not wedging animosity between them. It makes the efforts of those peace mongers who work day and night to end this stupid and senseless bloodletting.

    • Where is this photo in the article?
      How about this one?–373095150374177800/

  5. There were traitors from different communities in Ethiopia but those from Tigray region were the majority. According to Gebre Medhin Araya the grandfather of the late fascist Meles Zenawi, Asres Tessema was a notorious one and served the Italian invaders. Likewise, the father of the TPLF guru Sebhat Nega was a traitor who served the fascist Italian invaders. These are among the top henchmen of the TPLF and were obviously inspired by the Italian fascist invaders.

    • Mister Dushanbe , shabiya telalaki , Rezen, Berhane and Farda ,banda oromo, History was written by amhara extremists ; donot fool yourself. We Oromo defeated Italian and freed entire Ethiopia. False story was invented by the servants of the amhara kings to receive incentives such as land and daughters of royal family.

  6. Why is Ittu Aba Farda upset about mentioning the father of the infamous traitor Haile Selassie Gugsa the father of TPLF Tigres? Does this person knows that there no worse criminal than a traitor not only who betrayed those who fought to protect him but also the whole country for many generations? Is it not true that being a traitors in every country punishable by death for cheaply selling his own country and people’s lives to an enemy? Are we suppose to treat such worse criminals as normal people or one will less crime. What is worse than being a traitor? Nothing!!! Such traitors should be remembered for their worse crime and taught to every child forever to avoid traitors such as TPLF to resurface and repeat the darkest history ever again.

  7. I wish the editors of this respected website would at least redact the picture out of this article. It sends the wrong message and it is extremely pejorative. It is like wholesale accusation of Amharas as oppressing ‘fascists’ and all Oromos are ‘Amhara hating extremists’. That is outright bigotry that will lead to innocent people being targeted and harmed.

    Dear Editors,

    Foe heaven’s sake, please white this racist photo out, brush it out!!! Please, please, please!!!!

  8. Ittu Aba Farda, it is true the Tigre father of TPLF, the guy in the picture is a morally rotten, scandalous and disgusting thing and there is no need to spin it in a different direction.
    But there is nothing mentioning of or accusation against Amharas or Oromos in this article. It is not 1983 where TPLF rewrites history. No more brainwashing’s and insulting our intelligence.
    Oromos and Amhara including other ethic Ethiopians are known to have given all they got and fought gallantly against the invaders of the Italian army. That is where the result speaks for itself. There has never been an Oromo or Amhara banda.

    That is why many Oromos say that Shene, the Oromo Liberation Army is not an Oromo ogranization but an Oromo speaking Tigrea organization!!
    Because Tigreas used to hate Oromos like it hates Amharas and fight in every occasions, holly celebrations and gatherings before they started brainwashing them to use them as tools right before the fall of Mengistu Hailmariam.

    • Dear Speaking honestly,

      Thank you for your valuable comment. I come to you and your family with nothing but bidding you peace! I hope you had the chance to read my comments I posted here and other Diaspora websites. My take is no people as an ethnic group are innately cruel which means none of the more than ethnic groups are born despots, haters, extremists or murderers. None of them are. But we have had since the 1970’s are individuals who are bigots, murderers and despots who happened to be born to this or that ethnic parents. So even though Mengistu was the most bloodthirsty ruler that country ever had but his Konso ethnic group is not. Hailu of Gojjam had served Graziani well during the occupation but the rest of Gojjam was up in arms fighting his fascist masters tooth and nail. So we can’t use his photo cajoling with the occupying bullies to depict that everyone in Gojjam was a ‘banda’. The same goes for my own Oromos. I came to know all this from history books that I started reading in earnest after I retired. We also should admit that Mussolini was able to occupy our country not because his soldiers were more valor than our fathers, not his mustard gas either. He was able to enter the capital because of our own weaknesses. There were silly infightings among us and he used that to his advantage from the bottom of the deck. I remember reading a story how one of the military leaders at the final battle with the fascist forces decided to go back to his province because he was holding grudges against the emperor. It was told that he was unhappy a few years before the war that the emperor did not make him the chief of a region of his preference. He abandoned his assigned but critical position and went back to his province located in the Amhara region now. But it was also told that the people of that province heard what he had done and gave him a dose of his own medicine. Some historians now think if that did not happen the outcome at the final battle could have ended in favor of our patriots. Now I will give you another example. It is about the story of the Black Lions. They had established bases in the western part of that country. There were accounts how they were constantly besieged by local traitors. Freedom fighters used to be ambushed and hacked to death when they went on errands to fetch food and other essentials for the freedom fighters. I tell you whenever the story of that Black Lion is mentioned this beyond-repair Afro/Ethio-centric son of cattle herders goes into a trance. Those were Black Panthers in blood and flesh, man!!! But their grand plan was disrupted by traitors who happened to be born to Oromo parents and like you said Oromos are not traitors as a group. The same goes for Amharas, Tigrayans, Afars, Somalis or anyone of those 80 ethnic groups. That is why we have to be extra careful in our writings and utterances and we should never use ethnic handle when addressing bad breeds among us here or over there. It will not further the accord for those peace and harmony mongering people who have been suffering for lack of peace and stability in their beloved country since the 1970’s.
      Dear countryman/woman,
      The pandemic(COVID-19) is raging again here and Europe. Please make sure you take the proper protection against this scourge. It is not going anywhere soon. We should remember that once the pathogen is us or enters our family it may not leave empty handed.
      Stay safe!!!


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