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Ethiopians in Europe Protest external pressure on Ethiopia

Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia from eight European countries have made rallies in Brussels protesting undue external pressures on Ethiopia


Ethiopians, people of Ethiopian origins, and friends of Ethiopia living in #Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, #Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain have held a rally today (November 15)in Brussels protesting undue external pressures against Ethiopia.

In the rally held in front of the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, demonstrators urged the European Union and the United States to refrain from pressuring the government of Ethiopia.

The demonstrators displayed posters that denounced the TPLF, supported the leadership of the Government of Ethiopia, and called for the international community and the media to respect the sovereignty of Ethiopia.

Representatives of the Ethiopian Diaspora community and friends of Ethiopia have also delivered speeches that denounce the destructive acts of the TPLF and its terrorist affiliates, including the unjustified punitive measures taken against Ethiopia.

The demonstrators finally have handed over a letter detailing their reasons for protest to a representative of the European Commission’s Foreign Relations Service.

The Diaspora Advocacy Team in Belgium that organized the rally has announced plans to replicate the experience in many countries in Europe.

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  1. The voice of these and similar protestors is futile. The fate of that country has been signed, sealed and delivered. The only thing left is to sit back and watch who is gonna come out on top, Abiy or Debre. By all indications one side is gaining over the other and able in keeping his new spoils from the battlefronts. It is extremely obvious that Abiy’s regime did not have the ability militarily to stop Debre’s forces from taking over even very large cities and once they are gone it seems he lacks the skills and military prowess to take them back. I am not sure even if he has the will/zeal to fight back and win. His top grass used to tell us Debre was no more and then Lalibela was gone. Then we were told ‘this time is no kidding’. Debre is finished as a fighting force. That was followed by Weldiya and Haik gone. Immediately after it was reported that Debre was licked so bad his forces are running for their lives and heading back to the joint they come from. The next day the mega city of Dessie was in Debre’s bag. What we heard next from Abiy’s folks was nothing short of comical. We were told Debre didn’t actually capture Dessie but it was his soldiers who were seen just marching into that city, they were just walking and loafing around. Now they show us photos of underage soldiers of Debre who were taken prisoners from Wello battlefronts and that was followed by the capture of Kemise and Kombolcha. Yesterday I read news on some of the Diaspora websites where Abiy’s folks telling us Debre was beaten so bad around Mille(deep inside the Afar region) that he thought he robbed a bank in the Wild West. Then I said ‘what is it now Abiy? Is Mille is Debre’s bag now or on its way to join its mates Dessie and others?’ Mille is more than 415 KMs from Mekele where Debre was ‘beaten beyond repair’ a year ago(Okay Jula, preach! Talk that talk!). That is right, a year ago, back in November 2020. Mille is just a stone throw away from Semera which is the capital city of the Afar region and about 100 KMs from the border with the Republic of Djibouti. So Abiy, what is up? Whatta be like in your neck of wood? What is this I hear that Debre is doing brisk business selling essentials in Dessie? A liter of edible oil for hundreds of Birr, baby!!! You know when and where that AK47 changes into a walking cane and occasionally shooting blanks? What? You don’t know? You, Jula, Bacha and the rest of your top brass are holding one in their hands!!! Yes, right there in your hand!!! Stop assuming to fight when you are not. It would be better for you and your country if you start heeding what others are telling you and Debre. You two are better off; the country would be better off if you two sit down and talk. Both of you have been telling stories with made up spoils at the battle fronts. We have heard enough of that. The fate of that country and the fate of more than 120 million innocent citizens are in your hands. Stop blaming The West or the Emirates and stop the nonsense. Tens of thousands of young people have already lost their Allah Blessed lives. I would rather see them demonstrating in the streets of Mekele and Addis/Finfine demanding the freedom of Britney Spears from the ‘brutal’ oppression of conservatorship managed by her father!!! I wish and prefer to see and hear them fussing about what Beyonce was wearing yesterday by her pool. I wish I would notice their two thumbs deformed from texting too much on their smart phones instead of seeing blisters in their index fingers from firing too many rounds from their AK47’s at their brothers and sisters from the other side. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. There is too much what has been said about who started this senseless and bloody conflict. Enough with that!! Now the most proper question is who is not willing to stop it. I’m holding you both responsible for the bloodshed from now onward. Set the time and date(at midnight of this or that day of the week) and both of you stop it!!!! Just stop it. You two will be the only ones that will take the full responsibility for all bloodshed and destruction from here henceforth. Nobody else!! Not the USA and its allies!!! Debre, go back to Tigray and recognize the legitimacy of the current federal government. Abiy, recognize Debre and his front(TPLF) were elected into office in his region and lift all restrictions on the flow of humanitarian aid to Tigray. Debre, you should stop this stupid animosity toward our Eritrean brothers and sisters. Whatever is going on inside their country is their business, their inalienable internal affairs. Trade goodies not shooting mouths. So Abiy and Debre! I and the rest of the world will hold only you two responsible for all bloodshed and destruction taking place tomorrow and afterwards. On the contrary you will also be eulogized to eternity if you just simply drop the gun and stop it. Let the spirit of brotherly love reign!!!!


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