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Ethiopian Airlines did well in the first quarter of Ethiopian fiscal year

Ethiopian Airlines
Ahmed Shede, Minister for Finance, leading Ethiopian Airlines performance evaluation meeting (Photo : EBC)


The Ministry of Finance on Monday said that Ethiopian Airlines did very well in the first quarter of Ethiopian’s fiscal year. 

Ahmed Shede, the Finance Minister, who led the performance evaluation, according to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Report, said the airline performed very well in its cargo and passenger business, and also in terms of project execution. Figures about the finances undisclosed.

Furthermore, he said that the airline’s intra-African business connection and its internal administration are efficient and fast. 

He remarked that the airlines should stay the course, and the Ministry pledged support to ensure the success of coordination with other stakeholders. 

When the airline industry was hit hard due to the global pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines managed to survive without a rescue financial package and without laying off employees. It was achieved, among other things, by converting passenger planes to cargo planes.  

It is to be recalled that Ethiopian Airlines undertook a huge expansion project of the current terminal at Bole International Airport. Ethiopia has also plans to build a bigger airport just outside of Addis Ababa. 

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  1. Happy Confession
    I have always been the deepest admirer of Ethiopian Airlines — an Airline that is NOT a second to any airline around the Globe.
    It is a fantastic success story
    I have never been the employee of EAL — based on my own choice, ‘bravado’ as it may sound wonderful history!!!!!!!
    To me, EAL is an ever lasting example where the success or failure of ANY organization depends on the FOUNDATION of the project.
    I salute the ancient and present Management and the total dedicated employees therein of then and now.
    Keep on going EAL, through the marathon of LIFE, with humble lasting Pride of ETHIOPIA — PRODUCT of BLACK AFRICA .


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