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32,000 militia recruits taking training to protect Addis Ababa


The Addis Ababa City Administration on Monday announced that about 32,000 militia, all drawn from different parts of the city, are taking a basic military training as part of the effort to ensure peace and security in the city. 

Adanech Abiebie, Mayor, called on residents of the city to support them to ensure that they succeed in their work. 

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  1. A cannon fodder to the eagerly awaiting TPLF snipers and AK brandishing insanely fervent, unsparing, vindictive….TIGRAY youth. By the time all are dead Abbiy would certainly have plenty of time for his escape plans

  2. Where is the ENDF? Hello Abiy, Jula and Bacha!!! Where is the ENDF? That country is very fortunate that… Just forget what I was about to say! Just forget about it!!!

  3. The war is lost ! When the best military of the ethiopian history with the most beautiful uniforms start the war 700 Km away with Airforce and foreign military and now the call uneducated people to do what this military not can do, than it is to late. If they are fighting they will be killed. But I think they will running away before this is happen.

  4. It is not only tplf or Tigray youth that can be a sniper. Anybody can. Sure, there may be bloodshed, but then fredon from the racist adm of tplf is better than death. That’s all for the moment – looney troll.


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