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OLF “Shane” reportedly attacking civilians in Wollega

East Wollega _ Amhara genocide
East Wollega where the radical Oromo nationalist militants have been massacring civilians mostly targeting ethnic Amharas. (Google map)


What the Oromia regional government and the Ethiopian government call “shane” – which is believed to be the military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) continues to target civilians, mostly ethnic Amahra, in East Wollega zone of Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Addis Maleda, local publishers, on Saturday cited its source to report that the attack on innocent civilians in the East Wollega is worsening. 

The latest attack against unarmed civilians was particularly intense in five districts of East Wollega : Gida Ayana, Abiy Dengoro, Gudeya Bila, Haro Limu and Tri. 

The attacks have been contentious according to Addis Maleda which cited sources from the area. Number of casualties unspecified. 

In a similar development, an unspecified number of civilians have been massacred in Qondala district of West Wollega. Survivors from the attack have reportedly been displaced to Benishangul region – another area where there had been massacre of ethnic Amhara for more than three years now. 

The Ethiopian government on Friday claimed a joint operation by the Ethiopian Defense Force and the regional special forces have “attacked Shane to the point that it can no longer launch further attacks.” 

The Oromo regional state has been making repeated similar claims for more than two years now, but the”Shane,” a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, has been intermittently massacring civilians targeting  ethnic Amharas.


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  1. Shintam Shene can only kill civilians, little children and old ladies. We know this from history. What is more transpiring is that so-called educated Oromo seem to support it..

  2. How came Oromia Police who is not participating in TPLF Tigray waged war on Ethiopia failed to crash and defeat the coward Shene rates hiding in woods waiting for darkness to murder innocent and unarmed Amhara women and children? Only the typical coward Shene feels strong when killing unarmed civilians and children by using darkness as a cover. Shene the loyal servant of Oromia speaking TPLF Tigre torturer boss is preparing for another torture in Oromia speaking Prison!!! Wow!! how stupid can OLF and OLA Shene get is hard to understand!!!

    Amharas everywhere must be organized and do not listen to the slimy government cheap talk that is putting Amharas and Afar people’s lives in danger. The PM position gives so much power to one person that he has no ability to handle therefore Amharas should not throw their safety and well being on one person where his motive are questionable.


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