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Eritrean officials targeted as US resolve to rescue TPLF

The U.S. claims that the measure is taken in “connection with  the ongoing violence in Ethiopia.” Eritrea and Ethiopia have cooperation in a range of areas, including military.  

Eritrean officials U.S.
Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki and Ethiopian PM ABiy Ahmed shake hands.(Photo : File)


The United States Department of State on Friday announced that it is targeting Eritrean individuals over what it calls “ongoing violence in Ethiopia” 

Secretary Anthony Blinken made an announcement about it on Twitter.  He said “The United States is designating six Eritrean entities and individuals in connection with the ongoing violence in Ethiopia. The Eritrean presence in Ethiopia has exacerbated the conflict and hindered humanitarian access. Eritrea must withdraw troops immediately.” 

The names of the Eritrean officials targeted by the United States government are unspecified. What the U.S. calls “violence in Ethiopia” is an actual war on terrorist groups, TPLF and OLF. Both groups have been targeting civilians and have massacred thousands of civilians in the past three years. 

The description, by the Secretary of State, ” “ongoing violence in Ethiopia”  is misleading because the Ethiopian government did not make accusations regarding Eritrea.

In fact, Ethiopia and Eritrea do have made arrangements for cooperation and partnership in a range of areas after they ended the two decades long no-peace-no-war relation in July 2018. 

As the United States seems to be losing its proxy war through the agency of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF),and its partner Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), it is taking even more aggressive steps to directly involve in the war over what the Ethiopian parliament designated as terrorist organizations. The United States has been explicitly pushing the Ethiopian government to negotiate with the TPLF terrorists – something that Ethiopians do not accept even if Abiy Ahmed’s government heeds to U.S. belligerence. 

On Friday, just a day after several corporate media in the United States published narratives romanticizing military intervention in Ethiopia, a senior U.S. military officer told the BBC that the U.S. army is “ready to respond” to the situation in Ethiopia from its Military bases in Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti.  ( ) 

China has a military base in Djibouti too. China and Russia have been opposing, at the United Nations Security Council, sanctions and interventions in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopians too  have been protesting U.S. intervention in the internal Affairs of Ethiopia. The talks of direct military intervention in Ethiopia, apparently to save the TPLF forces, is getting reactions from Ethiopians in social media. 

Hermela Aregawi, Ethiopian American journalist who used to report for CBS, wrote in her twitter “REMINDER: Stay strong against the multi-armed psychological warfare being waged on the Ethiopian ppl & entire Horn of Africa. Africans, like any other citizen of the world, have the right to choose their leader & protect their peace. IT WILL BE DONE. In God We Trust! #NoMore” 

Many other Ethiopians are reacting to the U.S. interventionist policy in Ethiopia which is now morphing into  a military one. 

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  1. US General William Zana’s concerns/worries are understandable. We all have concerns that the old country may explode in utter disarray turning the entire region upside down. We should all remember that war and the bloodshed along with total destruction it spreads all over the country will ultimately alter citizens’ innate values. Normal people will turn abnormal and cruelty will go along the rise and fall of the carnage. I am sure many of you had the chance to read memoirs and accounts by those who survived the savagery that country endured during the dreaded Red Terror of the late 1970’s. They told us how many of those who used to be docile and party animals turned into sadist torturers and killers. That reign of terror was mostly confined to cities and cities but this time it is going to engulf the entire country. Kind and friendly people will turn into monsters and they will take that with them to the neighboring countries. So I share the General’s concerns but he might have overshot his wordings and I’m sure he will get the proper counseling from his superiors for that. Don’t forget there is a 120 million behemoth ready to move in every direction at the first sight of violent death or sound of deadly guns. That already has happened in the Amhara and Afar regions. Close to a millions people have fled their homes and leaving more than 5 million of others from the same regions with fate unknown. They are said to be starving. If this conflict does not end and end soon, the carnage and chaos that will follow will make Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan look like a cake walk, a weekend stroll in a park. Debre and Abiy! I will call you brothers now! Please, please, please stop this senseless bloodshed. Nobody will be a hero which way the chips will fall in this conflict. Thousands of young people have already lost their lives and the country has lost part of its future with their senseless demise. If you two agree to end this conflict peacefully and end it now you will be remembered as those who saved that glorious from utter attrition. All it needs is your goodwill and if there is a will there is a way out always. Please, please stop it!!!

    • Are you clueless? Did you forget PM Abiy declared ceasefire in June? All that has to happen for this war to end is for the Tigreans to lay down their arms, leave the areas that they’ve occupied in the Afar and Amhara regions and go back to Tigray, and for the Americans stop aiding the Tigreans. That’s a start. Then they have to turn in the leaders of the terrorist group TPLF, who were responsible for the attack on the Northern Command, to face justice. If they don’t, the war is going to continue, and it will end with them losing. And soon. PM Abiy is not going to negotiate with terrorists. The people of Ethiopia, who overwhelmingly elected him, don’t want him to. It is laughable to me that you think the American General is genuinely worried about Ethiopia and the HoA. Whatever the Americans touch turns to dust. Please point to one country where the USA has intervened, and peace and democracy have prospered.

      • Thank you very much for responding to my comment. I respect your rights to critique others’ opinions. It will help me learn and accumulate new knowledge since I’m a believer of lifetime schooling. Let’s try to clean it up and redact the first sentence which ended with ‘clueless’ and a question mark. Thank you for being frank with me.

        • Dear Obbo Ittu Aba Farda

          loud shout praises to you . YOu know, we Oromos fight for ethiopia and freed all ethiopian from italian invasion. Know, amharas are invading our country with eritrea whose stooge is Abiy .

          As you all know , Abiy imported drones and heavy weapons from Russia, Turkey and China to exterminate Oromos and the rest ethnicity who disfavored and objected his foreign ideology.
          US and UNSC know this war crimes from its inception even if they turned blind eye and remain indifferent leaving these countries to commercialize the war and genocide to gain profit by selling arms exterminating humanity. The world is brutal, and tomorrow all aforementioned countries will come again to our land claiming to set up bilateral relation and telling us they were not in power but the Ex-PM or president had done that and this .

          Oromos are oppressed by Oromo traitors who work with anti-Oromo amhara and other ethnic members supporting prosperity party.

          You seem to be one of those banda oromo who work for amhara dominated party and you are doing everything that minimize the rights and safety of people oppressed by Abiy and his cadres. Dear Obbo Ittu Farda We hope you learn something from this and stop doing and writing nonsense.

  2. Subject: “Eritrean officials targeted as US resolve to rescue TPLF”, November 12, 2021

    Humble Opinion
    Who is ordering who?
    Doesn’t a sovereign State has the liberty of handling its own affairs?
    Is there an international law which dictates that the World should follow the dictates of one self-appointed supreme power?
    Surely, each and all Members of the United Nations have the right to administrate their own affairs
    It must be admitted, the super power that we have today is second to none, even God wouldn’t dare challenge!!!
    With that reality: Why do we need the United Nation.?
    Surely the MIGHTY FORCE can handle the WORLD.
    Good Luck to ETHIOPIA, the oldest INDEPENDENT AFRICAN NATION IN THE WORLD — much older than the dictator nation of the World.
    The current situation in our World is indeed hearvy-turvy. THE END

  3. Ok listen up every one!!! I just received an urgent telegram from the village I was born and raised in Western Hararghe. My cousin told me the sad news that one of great great grandfather was killed by soldiers of Abiy. He told me that the killers were members of the ‘fascist’ Amhara army.
    Hey Ittu! Did your cousin just made up the story?
    Why? Why are you questioning my cousin? You must be one of those Neftegnas.
    No I am not a neftegna but I find the story not believable.
    Why not?
    Because your great great grandfather cannot be still around. If he is he must be more than 150 years old.
    No he is not 150 years old. He was born in 1991. Okay, you must be one of those Neo-Gobenas. You are supposed to believe my story and gush with sympathy after sympathy. I have even attached the photo of him lying dead in the middle of the street with 4 bullets in his forehead.
    If he was born in 1991, how can he be your great great grandfather at age 30? It does not add up. Where is the photo, Ittu?
    Can’t you see it? It is right here in front of your ‘fascist’ Amhara eyes and Neo-Gobena eyeballs. My great-great uncle was also shot and killed in the same manner the same day.
    Hey Ittu, I don’t know who will believe you with this story.
    Yea? The entire state of Minnesota believed me and my story. The fearless lawyer there believes my story. Those Amhara ‘fascists’ and their Neo-Gobena collaborators also rounded up 2,000 of my cousins who are younger ten years old and forcibly conscripted them into the army. Younger than ten years old! Can you believe that? You are supposed to believe that and express your heartfelt sympathy to me. I had sent the story of what happened was done with my toddler cousins to my college professor friends and association leader ‘comrade’ and they are now telling the world about it on their Twitter pages. Can you imagine looking at my ten year old cousins carrying guns that weigh more than their body weight? You should join my law professor friends and others and condemn this child endangerment crime. Debre is not doing that. Just Abiy and his ‘Fascist’ Amhara and Neo-Gobena collaborators.
    Btw, before I go I want to tell you this. You see, one of my cousins is a physician in Bishoftu. He shot me an email this afternoon and told me he was tired of treating wounded soldiers from Abiy’s army. He told me they are all younger than ten years old and most of them were my toddler cousins.

  4. This only matters because Abiy and Isayas have not effectively communicated a tangible roadmap to end the conflict. Their weakness is allowing this war to drag on, with no attention being paid to the development of their states. Bummer.



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