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Abune Bernabas said to be safe but still in the TPLF controlled area

Abune Bernabas _


Three days after news of his kidnapping emerged on social media, there are now new reports that Abune Bernabas, archbishop of Waghumera zone in Amhara region, is safe. 

Adebabay Media, whose YouTube channel has been closed for several days now, reported on its social media page saying that it has got information that Abune Bernabas is safe. It cited sources, unspecified, who happened to meet the archbishop.

His current location is undisclosed too but it appears that he is still in Sekota, seat of the Waghumera zone – which is said to be under the control of the TPLF forces. 

Obtaining information from Ethiopia has been difficult due to disconnection of the phone line in the areas under the TPLF control and constantly changing circumstances of the situation on the ground.

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  1. What a tragedy!!! Ethiopia, the Black African Ancient Country — a country of admirable culture and noble history for seemingly time immemorial is going down the drain because a few ambitious personalities did not get the top post in the Government of Ethiopia. That is all. And innocent people — on all sides — have to be liquidated. to satisfy a single leader with his selected followers. Sad to add, if it is crazy consolation, the rest of our dear and rich Black African Continent is also infested with cruel INDIGENOUS Africans — YES, BLACK AFRICANS from top to bottom and left to right are stripping AFRICA for their own pleasure.

    Question: Why are we surprised to see the deliberate and delightful action by merciless cruel Europeans and the United States of America? Aren’t we flogging ourselves, by ourselves causing miserable life to ourselves? Dear Reader: I beg you to answer the question to YOURSELF.


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