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Ethiopian gov’t : Significant gains in the battle against TPLF forces in Afar, Amhara

Response to mobilization to safeguard the sovereignty of Ethiopia is positive. Volunteers from Amhara, Oromia and Afar regions heading to the battle fronts in all direction, says State of Emergency Command Post 

Afar _ Amhara _ Oromia _ TPLF


The latest update from Ethiopian State of Emergency Command Post, which will oversee implementation of the emergency measures for the next six months, on Wednesday said that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front forces have suffered major defeats in Afar and Amhara region. 

The military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the government calls it Shene, which announced a military alliance with the TPLF sometime last month, has been attempting to assist TPLF by diverting the attention of the Ethiopian Defense Force.  

The Emergency Command Post disclosed that OLF opened a fighting in North Shoa, West Shoa, Horo Guduru and East Wollega where it targeted, it was said, civilians and where it looted properties. 

A joint operation by Oromo regional forces, Federal Police and Ethiopian Defense Force have attained major battle victories in the aforementioned areas, according to the update from the Emergency Task Force. 

TPLF military operation in the north, north central and north east parts of Ethiopia was on several fronts. 

In Bati and Asagita, the TPLF attempted about twenty offensives but none of them were successful due to coordinated defensive operation by Afar militia, Afar region special forces and the Ethiopian Defense Forces.  In the same direction, TPLF effort to take control of Mille, a place of strategic significance to control the route to Djibouti, has failed, and the TPLF is said to have sustained heavy casualties. 

In Tigray and Afar adjacent areas, the TPLF offensive attempt in Bisober is reversed after fierce resistance from Afar militia and Afar region special forces. 

In Wollo, the terrorist TPLF forces effort to expand areas it controls including in Woreilu was unsuccessful as militia from south wollo and Ethiopian Defense forces joined hands to make it impossible. In Akesta, also in south wollo, the TPLF has suffered similar defeats, according to the State of Emergency Task Force. The TPLF presence in Kemissie is reversed after five days of anti-offensive operation by militia forces from the Oromo community and north shoa Amahra communities.

In North Gondar, Maytsebri front in Amhara region, repeated anti-offensive operation by the TPLF is reversed. 

The overall assessment from the State of Emergency Command Post is that the operations against TPLF expansion have been productive after the mobilization effort and the public is coordinating with security forces. 

The TPLF has not made any remarks about the reported losses. Majority of Ethiopians do consider the terrorist TPLF group as a threat to the country .

It has also made additional recommendations to build on the gains attained so far. 

While hailing the results from security operations that led to the arrest of TPLF supporters and confiscation of illegal firearms in the past few days, the task force said that it has learned that some elements might exploit the situation to support the terrorists. Evidence-based measures will be taken against them, said the task force. 

It also advises home renters in the capital and elsewhere to register their tenants in the nearest police station. It is to be recalled that displaced people from Dessie to Kombalcha and from North Wollo have entered Addis Ababa and Debre Birhan, among other towns. 

Furthermore, the Command Post recommended that the National Bank of Ethiopia take measures against  banks who are working in violation of recently enacted legislations introduced to curb illegal transfer of money by individuals  

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  1. All the number tallies coming from the old country is still very encouraging. But the numbers here in the USA, Europe and Asia are not comforting. New daily cases are surging in many of them. New cases here in the USA surged to 94,376 in just the last 24 hours. So please stay safe.


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