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400,000 Ethiopian birr bribe red handed in Addis Ababa

Photo credit : EPE


Ethiopian State media on Tuesday reported that three district level executives were red handed when they were receiving 400,000 Ethiopian Birr as a bribe for a public service delivery that was meant to be free. 

According to the Ethiopian Press Enterprise Report, Lideta Sub-city  chief executive, building license office head and peace and security office head.

They were red-handed as they were receiving the aforesaid amount of cash, as per EPE report.

The government is calling on Ethiopians that it has determination to take measures on the corrupt elements of the administration and would value tips from the public.  

It is unclear if the three individuals alleged to have been involved in corruption are facing lawsuits or administrative measures. 

Corruption as a prevalent social malaise was entrenched in Ethiopia during the nearly three decades of ruthless TPLF rule. 
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