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The TPLF is the Enemy of Tigrayans

Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF chairman

By The Alula Aba Nega Collective.

The anti-democratic and ethnicist TPLF may be the darling of America, but it is the number one enemy of the downtrodden of Tigray. Under its watch of 27 years, Tigrayans have remained as poor as ever, and two million Tigrayans continued to depend on international food aid. In the meantime, the TPLF elite amassed an inordinate amount of wealth, most of which they stashed in foreign banks. But how did the TPLF succeed in duping Tigrayans into supporting it? By a continuous barrage of propaganda on Tigrayan superiority over other Ethiopians. Since we are speaking from within the belly of the beast, we know what we are talking about.

In public addresses in Mekele, Meles Zenawi used to say, “we Tigrayans are gold.” And often, he said, “I am proud to be the son of the gold people of Tigray.” The implication is of course all other Ethiopians are “base metal,” less worthy than Tigrayans. Members of the TPLF routinely refer to the Amhara as “adgi” (donkey) and to the Oromo as “abdi” (simpleton). The TPLF has used every ideological and political tool to separate Tigrayans from other Ethiopians and to inculcate in them a belief in their ethnic superiority. This propaganda has paid off handsomely for the TPLF. 

First, it justifies in the eyes of Tigrayans that only the TPLF has the right to rule and other Ethiopians have to be content with subaltern roles. Thus, in 1991, the TPLF formed the EPRDF, a collection of ethnic parties, organized and led by the TPLF. The ethnic parties were forced to be junior partners. When in 1992, the OLF dared to claim that it is an equal partner, the TPLF slaughtered it and replaced it with more obedient Oromos.  It did the same to the Amhara, Somali, Afar, Sidama, and other ethnic groups. 

Note that the TPLF is repeating the same strategy in 2021 with the help of America. It is trying to bring under its wings a number of ethnic individuals to create an organization similar to what it created in 1991, with decision-making power totally controlled by it. In both 1991 and 2021, the TPLF treats other Ethiopians as if their destiny is to be led by the TPLF and serve its interests, on pain of being decimated, as in 1992. The belief of Tigrayan ethnic superiority is the foundation of TPLF politics. This sense of ethnic superiority is palpable in the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube commentaries the Tigrayan elites post. It is openly expressed in private conversations.

Second, the TPLF uses its claim of Tigrayan ethnic superiority to make Tigrayan hostages to its rule by continuously evoking the specter of Tigrayan genocide. It interprets any critique of the TPLF as an existential threat to Tigrayans. Note that Meles Zenawi started talking about Tigrayan genocide just after taking power in 1991. Meles accused whoever criticized the TPLF as a nascent Interahamwe. Indeed, he often mentioned the Ruanda genocide as something that could happen to Tigrayans if the TPLF is removed from power. Tigrayans believed him and saw in the TPLF the only rampart against genocide. This is probably one of the most successful brainwashing of a population by a political party in contemporary history. 

The TPLF is now, in 2021, resorting again to the same genocide discourse to mobilize Tigrayans to overthrow the democratically elected government of PM Abiy Ahmed. And as before, the genocide propaganda is working. The fear of genocide that the TPLF has inculcated in Tigrayans is making them participate blindly in the destruction of Ethiopia. 

However, the swift and open-ended democratization process that the new government of Abiy Ahmed initiated in 2018 has triggered cracks in the blind faith that Tigrayans had in the TPLF. All of a sudden, the democratic light that Abiy’s actions shone on the dark words and murky acts of the TPLF started exposing its lies. And some Tigrayans started questioning the TPLF claim that without it, their existence is threatened. The TPLF quickly retreated to Mekele to prevent the new democratic light from revealing its decades of deception and started to plot how to extinguish the fragile democratic flame in Ethiopia.

Many of the Tigrayan elite now know that the TPLF has fed and still feeds Tigrayans lies about the genocidal threat that would be hanging over their heads. They now know that if Tigrayans participate in the current democratic process, they will enjoy freedom and equality, though the TPLF will lose its monopoly of power. However, the majority of the Tigrayan elite is denying this new democratic reality by resorting to what philosophers call the “fetishist disavowal”— “We know the TPLF genocide discourse is false, but we nevertheless believe it and act as if we do not know the truth we know.” They thus continue to support the TPLF, its lies and destructive acts.

Such is the case of the Tigrayan diaspora, which is mainly made up of the children and relatives of TPLF members. They espouse the “fetishist disavowal” and continue beating the genocide drum, though they know it is false. This comes easily to them due to the sense of ethnic superiority they have internalized by sticking firmly to what they “know” is false. They thus feel authorized to inferiorize non-Tigrayan Ethiopians, as one could see in the constant barrage of dehumanization of Ethiopians that saturate their social media comments.

Nevertheless, many of us Tigrayans are waking up after an ideological inebriation that lasted more than three decades. And we are discovering the damage that the TPLF has done to Tigrayans through the damages it has inflicted on Ethiopians. We need to organize ourselves to repair these self-inflicted damages. This is going to be an uphill battle, because the Tigrayan elites live in a self-imposed psychological ghetto. Consequently, there is a herd mentality among the Tigrayan elite, which has diminished their independence of mind and macerated their critical spirit. Therefore, the pressure to blindly follow whatever the TPLF says and does is enormous. 

Indeed, one could say that the TPLF is more of a sect than a political party; it brooks no dissension and expects its followers to obey its edicts without questioning. We have to resist this spiritual and mental debasement and belittlement of Tigrayans, which necessarily leads to the debasement and belittlement of all Ethiopians, as we could see in the current media war. The work of liberating ourselves from the mortifying clutches of TPLF propaganda must be done to save the democratic soul of Tigray and Ethiopia.  

Tigray will never know democracy and prosperity as long as the TPLF exists as a political organization. We Tigrayans will never enjoy the innumerable historical, cultural, musical, artistic, literary, physical, affective, spiritual, and psychological wealth which we congenitally share with other Ethiopians irrespective of their ethnic origins, religions, and regions. Without Ethiopia, Tigray will be an organ without a body; and without Tigray, Ethiopia will a body without an organ. 

Only with the dismemberment of the TPLF will Tigray discover her Ethiopian soul and Ethiopians their Tigray soul and achieve their historical wholeness without which neither democracy nor prosperity are possible. As long as the TPLF exists, Tigray will be permanently racked by war and misery. It is thus incumbent on the Tigrayan elite to abandon their “fetishist disavowal,” exit the psychological ghetto in which they live, throw away their ethnic superiority blinkers, and join hands with all Ethiopians. They could then enjoy and nourish the democracy that has come to see the light of day in Ethiopia in 2020. 

For this to be possible, whatever is the outcome of the present conflict, the struggle to disband the TPLF must continue. This is a task for all Ethiopians and, above all, for Tigrayans.


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  1. I wonder how much Abiy is paying the author for this worthless piece of content containing a staggering amount of pure hate, filth and disinformation

    • Jan (if this is your real name or avatar), stay out of something that does not concern you.

      This is an African problem that does not need or want a European or Western solution!
      As my friends and I used to playfully say to each other when someone was trying to interfere in something taht did not concern them, “STAY IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!”

    • Do you know what they call Western Tigray? It is land which was forcefully taken by TPLF and now back to where it belongs. The boundary of Tigray is Tekezie river. Invasion is invasion whether the Invader is from Roma or Adwa. Please do know the situation properly before you interfere in others affair.

  2. Subject: “The TPLF is the Enemy of Tigrayan by Alula Aba Nega Collective”, 8 Nov 2021

    Humble Commentary, 8 Nov 2021
    A sober and amazingly daring self-critical analysis, lack of which has always been that drags us down. We do not believe in the noble concept of Freedom of Opinion bestowed upon any individual person. No wonder why a consequential permanent identification is give to us as: “UNDER DEVELOPED people. We carry it and keep on going with our modern educated intellectuals, of the highest order, custodian of Doctor of Philosophy Degrees and the memory of old humble citizens of century back, with their humble modesty.

    That is not all. We are also busy squabbling among ourselves as if we are enemies!!! It is the malaise of our beautiful and rich Continent, proudly called BEAUTIFUL AFRICA. — the envy of so many with their devilish agenda upon our beautiful, envbiable, naturally rich African Continent.

    We, HAPPY BLACK AFRICANS, are what we are by the dictate of mysterious hidden phenomenon. Or as the saying goes: IT IS OUR STAR. THE END

  3. Addendum to the above Subject & “The TPLF is the Enemy of Tigrayan by Alula Aba Nega Collective”:

    It is worth bringing to the limelight the Nine (9) States in the Ethiopian Federal System .
    Warning: It is listed in English Alphabetical order.
    1. Afar
    2.. Gambella
    3. Gonder
    4. Harari
    5. Oromia
    6. Sidama
    7. Somalia
    8. Tigray
    9. Wollo
    Question: What would be the RATIONAL to disintegrate an ANCIENT INDEPENDENT BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY??? It should be understood that colonial powers of yesterday are still the same today, They NEVER leave their foundation, when it comes to the BLACK RACE. It is only their tact (deception) that changes to accelerate their agenda. Any African State believing otherwise is doomed and becomes a typical example of CLASSICAL TRAGEDY for time immemorial . THE END

    • ethnic federalism is the first stage to the disintegration of Ethiopia. It is meant to create greater Tigray and Oromia.

  4. Well said. A wake up call for all poor Tigrayans exploited by TPLF bands of criminals and Terrorists who are fighting for their own selfish trashy Adwa TPLF family agenda! TPLF terrorist family believes only TPLF of Adwa are superiors over other Tigrayans. Others are fools and objects designed to be disposed or destroyed once they are used.

    While TPLF has advertised to the whole world as Tigray as a place of Famine, TPLF fed deceits and lies telling Tigrayans are superiors race is a trashy scheme to extend its greedy appetite for money at the expense of poor Tigrayans. At the same time poor Tigrayans crazed in superiors race theme are sent to rampage, steal, burn food and loot Amhara and Afar regions committing abhorring crimes while TPLF’s moto “Tigray is starving” is cried to the whole world.
    In the main time TPLF mafia children are enjoying millionaires rich life and Tsadkan daughter just graduated from expensive college all safe from TPLF forced war, death and going in truckloads with he rest of the poor Tigrayans to fight for TPLF. TPLF mafia bosses are living in luxury in Europe and America paying billions of dollars to immoral journalists and politicians bribing them to beef up the propaganda machine.

  5. aster , rezene, and borken staff brainwasshing pp propaganda crew

    You imported EDF(eritrean soldiers=modern day askaris bought and enslaved by PP cadres and fight for ethiopian elites in power , genocidal machines from Turkey , China, Russia, and UAE to kill your own people and tell that Tegaru are brainwashed by TPLF.

    Are you thoughtful to Tigreans by giving them bombs instead of bread and milk ? Cheap talk

    TPLF is a collection of Tegaru and Tegaru.TPLF now wins support of everyone, including those who run their own political ideology. you all know, every and each country has multiple political parties, and all those parties have their own unique standing and political tenets.

    Writing an article full of jargon and loan words doesn’t give credibility to your fabricated story. Please pray before God so that He will shower His fear and will upon you all warmongers!

    Eritreans and Amhara elites, you have something in common- you are brainwashing your own people and compelling them to fight against their neighboring tribes who got intermarried and lived in harmony for centuries just for what happened in the past . We have no even a tangible and credible resources to confirm what has been narrated by historians and told by Political elites (power mongers). History is written by the victors. Winston Churchill
    Göring is reported to have said, “Der Sieger wird immer der Richter und der Besiegte stets der Angeklagte sein,” which more or less translates to the quote Driver utters in the film, “The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused.” History is a pack of lies about events that never happened, told by people who weren’t there. George Santayana History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions. Ted Koppel

    Most importantly, what you all need to recognize is revenge give rise to another revengeful sentiment and remains rolling without end. Eritreans claim , at picoc tube live , alena walta hager and other pro-Higdef actors that they were badly treated by ancient Tegaru kings and governors who were believed to rule Ethiopia before the Italian invasion. Why did these warmongers choose Tigray instead of other foreign invaders ? How are Eritreans treated in overseas including Libya, Sudan and other countries ? How many Eritreans died in Europe , Lybia , Sudan and elsewhere in recent days, mainly in 21st century ? What is the importance of spending all your assets and human work force to take revenge against your neighboring ethnicities who share the same language, regardless of their difference in dialects, religion(be it Christianity, Islam or others), culture and intermarried for years etc

    What is the importance of waging war on poor people who live in poor countries instead of helping each other for mutual economic benefits ? Many of us we agree to the point we never had a civil war among Eritreans and Ethiopians or any other ethnic members , Could we raise our beloved ones from the dead who were just victims of political leaders and governors (if this story is true) by waging war against neighboring people after 100 years ? The man in the picoc tube live hiding his face tells to all his viewers that what is happening in Tigray now is justifiable by the fact that Eritreans were mistreated by former Tegaru kings and rulers 100 yrs ago. He could continue saying, ” he will hunt and harm all those who are pointing their fingers at Eritreans . All what he is exhibiting is what we mostly see among many of Eritrean immigrants who take videos and voice message, telephone numbers and other personal data to pass it to their masters specialized in snooping as member of fifth column of Higdef . All how they accomplish all these filthy task is approaching their victims as friends.

    Most Eritreans are quite gifted in calling names, downgrading others in a way that you cannot imagine and most us do, allergic to civilization except carrying jeans and Snickers in the streets to look a Native American or Europeans, no development but sending taxes to buy arms and send their family members to sawa nonstop, pry into the private affairs of others , officially known to be Virtual Learners FB Academy ,part-time job at WhatsApp and TikTok. Another thing that surprises us most what we heard from someone who lived in Lybia, Eritreans immigrants work with Lybians and Berbers , and advise these foreign smugglers and kidney sellers to beat severely and torture their own fellow Eritreans to extort a large sum of money from their family members . All their lives both in abroad and at home is full of misery, killings, robbery , torture ; they do the same to others what they have been taught and trained to do . If you approach these people and grow with this kind of inferior mentality and criminal minds, you will not think of developing your city or country but take revenge on others for what has happened 100 years back. Tigray was in the right track and made a considerable development than those Eritreans who lived for almost half a century in UK, US, Canada and other rich countries and can’t take their people out of poverty and begging but drawing them to the sea and modern day slavery for 30 years.

    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle ተስፋ ፥ብርሃን የሌለው ህይወት ሌላውም ከእርሱ በታች በሆነ ድቅድቅ ጨለማ እንዲኖር እንደሚሻ በሕግደፍ ደጋፊዎች የጥፍቶ ጠፊ ዓላማና ድርጊት እየታየ ነው፥፥ዓቅምና አውቆ መኖር ታላቅ ጥበብ ነው፥ከባህር ውሥጥ ሶስትቀን ሶሥት ሌሊት አድሬ ሊቢያ ተገርፌ ሳዋ ኢራኢሮ ሶስት ዓመት ተከንችሬ እያለ በሱዳንና በትግራይ ሲለምን ኑሮ አሁን ላይ ተነስቾ ኢትዮጵያን በአቢይ ምክንያት ሲያሽከረክራት ማየት ትልቅ ውርደት ነው፥፥ብሔራዊ ውርደት፦፦


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