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Teddy Afro new single – Armash


Teddy Afro’s new single , Armash, was uploaded on youtube only two days ago , and it has got more than two million views.

Many Ethiopians called it timely and brilliant. Check it out.

Video : embedded from Teddy Afro YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video



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  1. For some reason Teddy Afro is thought to be very young even by those who are much younger than him, hence the nick name BLATENAW. I’ve seen his fans lining up in the snow and in the rain all over the world. Some times he starts a world tour and he can’t cover the glob within a year bc there are only 52 weekends. Women are expected to love music at much deeper level than men and they do listen to music more often, but Teddy Afro made men cry with this song. My throat tightened when I listened to this song the first time and still does. The variety of topics in his music is one of the factors that makes him great. And deservingly he is the first of his generation to get honorary PhD and from one of the oldest universities of Ethiopia at that.

    Probably the best description of Teddy Afro was expressed by Alemtsehay Wedajo a few years ago at an award ceremony. Artist Alemtsehay knew his father very well but had no idea Teddy Afro was his son. She said she regrets fleeing instead of standing her ground no matter the consequences like Teddy Afro who paid the price with his freedom. It is like working while standing in the middle of a bush fire, she said.

    Teddy Afro’s loyal fans lost it when some want-to-be music critiques tried to belittle his upcoming album before it came out a few years ago. The critiques were obviously annoyed of the steady number one spot Teddy was holding on for quite some time at that point and they were trying to cut him to size. Instead it back fired on them and some of them had to apologize publicly. The over-pouring support for Teddy Afro probably helped his song break world record in it’s category.

    Ethiopian kids that were born in Diaspora or who left home too young to remember anything about the old country listen to his music and try to get translations of his lyrics. While in the backseat secured in their safety chairs and seatbelts they grew up with their parents playing Teddy Afro songs in the car. Many hours are spent driving in America and parents are tired of the none-stop-questions from little kids more often than not. On her third birth day the daughter of a family friend sang a whole song of Teddy Afro even though she doesn’t speak Amharic at all, almost everybody became videographer and recorded it too. And then she tried to explain who Teddy Afro was to her grandma by running from one corner of the living room to the other with a make-believe micro phone and jumping up and down waving her hands.


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