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A senior TPLF military commander captured in Dessie

Geush Gebre , TPLF military commander who was captured in Dessie Front


A senior Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) commander is captured in the Dessie battlefront. Colonel Geush Gebre was commander of what TPLF calls the Mayday Division of its forces. 

Appearing on state media, he admitted that TPLF forces have carried out looting and killings in the areas they controlled. He described TPLF forces as one with a serious disciplinary problem.

In what seems to be a subtle bravado or disinformation, Colonel Geush also claimed that TPLF is facing shortages of firearms and a considerable number of TPLF fighters are in the battle front without a firearm. “Those who are not armed arm themselves when a combatant is wounded,” he added. 

“In the division that I led, about 800 combatants were armed while 600 others were unarmed,” he said.  

In terms of demographic composition of TPLF forces, he said they range from children to seniors. 

Days after entering Kombolcha  and Dessie cities last week, the TPLF forces summarily executed over 200 youths whom the TPLF terrorists accused as supporters of Abiy Ahmed government. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government on Tuesday introduced a six months old State of Emergency across the country to reverse the existential threat, as described by the government which many Ethiopians subscribe to, from the TPLF war. 

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  1. Is this true? Everything that comes out the government mouth is iffy these days. Is Dessie still the government’s hand? Dear Editors! I’m throwing my lot on this one and other similar claims by both the government and Debre in your enormous talent and capabilities to verify them for all of us. It seems the Western Powers including your country of residence believe almost the entire Wello region including Dessie are in full control of Debre’s forces. With all advanced technology in their possession they have the means to verify facts on the ground. They can observe an insect move on the ground. My impression from your last articles is you have access in that area. I tried to verify myself from my merchants relatives in the capital(I’m very worried for their safety now since they and their stores will be the first targets for marauders) but they have lost contacts with trade partners they had in that region. I look forward to your update.

    • Mr Farda

      I call yesterday, 10 senior PP officials arrested while trying to flee with national riches . Many of those people stealing the store are residents . Desse is now in full control of TDF, sad story to share .
      Ethiopian government is lying as usual to pacify its subjects .
      Remember this fighters from north they can conquer the entire east africa.

  2. why don’t you go back to your place and forget what you are dreaming about because you will never get it while the Amhara are alive? Even the ferenjis you adore will not do anything more for you – sorry figures


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