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Ethiopia declared nationwide state of emergency

Ethiopia  nations wide state of emergency


Days after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which most Ethiopians believe is  backed by the United States and its allies, took control of Dessie and Kombolcha towns in North Ethiopia,  the Ethiopian government on Tuesday declared a nationwide state of emergency.

The State of Emergency is effective as of Tuesday, November 2,2021 but will have to be approved by the state of the Ethiopian parliament within the next 48 hours. 

According to the Ethiopian government, the existence and territorial integrity of Ethiopia is in danger – something that the majority of Ethiopians believe. 

The purpose of the  state of emergency is to reverse the danger. The chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force will be leading the Command Post that will oversee the State of Emergency implementation. 

Ethiopians have been criticizing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government for not doing enough to reverse the danger that TPLF posed against Ethiopia. 
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  1. Why the need for a nationwide state of emergency? Why? You can hear a pin drop in Dire Dawa, Jigjige, the entire Western Hararghe, Bale, Gambela and the entire Ogaden. Why making the lives of unaffected citizens so miserable? Just let Debre march into the capital and get it over with! Debre was let in Dessie, Kombolcha like cruising in the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. Was he not? Let him in! You will cut and run for your dear life before that anyway. I am ordering you to let him come in. You don’t know how to wage battles any way. Beat it!!!! Out of my sight!! You are making me sick!!!

  2. Subject: Ethiopia declared nationwide state of emergency,, November 2, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 4 Nov 2021
    In all fairness and taking into account the Government’s obligation to the people of Ethiopia to save Ethiopia , the Government of Ethiopia has no choice but to declare “emergency” unless extraordinary (and bizarre) circumstances tied the hands of the Government, which, in any case, must be known to the custodian of Ethiopia for action i.e. THE PEOPLE. of ETHIOPIA..
    Sorry for the fifty-seven (57) words sentence structure before full stop i.e. without any punctuations ( ‘coffee break’ ) in between !!!!!!! OH! Lord, have mercy upon me.

  3. Every TPLF members and sympathizers including their friends and families house, shops, work places and offices must be searched for hidden weapon designed to be illegally used against Addis Ababa or any place residents.
    Building roof tops,
    office and residential roof tops
    inside and within roof,
    inside walls including behind pictures and any other objects
    behind closets,
    under floors,
    ground within fences and outside of the house fences
    Ground surrounding buildings must very carefully searched.


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