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Is the U.S. bluffing when it calls for the withdrawal of TPLF forces from the Amhara region?


It is public knowledge that there has been a sentiment among a considerable number of Ethiopians, as seen from social media conversations over the past several months, that the TPLF have been supported by the U.S. government (politically, diplomatically and in other forms) in their latest wars in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia. 

A day after TPLF fired artillery targeting civilians and attempted to take over Dessie, about 400 kilometres north of Dessie, the U.S. state department released a statement calling for the withdrawal of TPLF forces from Amhara regions and halt their advances to Dessie, and Kombolcha. 

The statement from the U.S. state department and the attempt to take over Dessie city by what are believed to be US backed rebels seems to have triggered a speculation that the rebels are being groomed for negotiation with the government. 

It remains to be seen in the weeks or months to come. But the statement from the U.S. state department sounds more like a bluff. 

The statement from the U.S. State Department is featured below 

“The United States is gravely concerned by the expansion of combat in northern Ethiopia.  We reiterate our call for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to withdraw from the Amhara and Afar regions, including halting its advances in and around the cities of Dessie and Kombolcha.  We urge the TPLF not to use artillery against cities and recall our strong objections to the ENDF airstrikes in Mekelle and other areas of Tigray which have cost countless lives.  There is no military solution to this conflict, and all parties must begin ceasefire negotiations without preconditions.

The United States remains committed to saving lives and alleviating suffering through the delivery of humanitarian assistance to all Ethiopians in need – whether in the Tigray, Amhara, or Afar region.  We continue to be alarmed by reports of the deliberate denial of humanitarian assistance in northern Ethiopia. Up to 900,000 people are living in famine-like conditions in Tigray while the government restricts urgently needed humanitarian supplies, including medicine, fuel, and cash for relief organizations.  We repeat our call on all parties to the conflict to allow and facilitate unhindered humanitarian access. 

We reiterate our call for all parties to protect civilians and end human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law.  Those responsible for such abuses and violations must be held accountable.” 
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  1. No I don’t think they are bluffing. They really meant it. They know the consequences of Debra and his forces marching into Addis/Finfine without reaching some sort of a truce. It seems Abiy’s administration is in total disarray and vengeful Debre is rampaging towards the capital. Then we will be talking about total breakdown of law and order. Then, (this is my and other watchful eyes’ nightmare), we will see the entire country destabilized beyond repair and the entire 120 million citizens on the move. The world will witness a massacre of innocent people like no other seen in recent history anywhere. That will be a huge destructive disruption to Kenya and Djibouti. It will not stop there. Just the sheer number of people on the move will overwhelm any current boundaries that exist between countries all the way to Europe. Human traffickers will make a kill on this one. Italy, Spain, Greece and France will see millions upon millions of despondent migrants heading to their shores and there will be nothing left to go back to for them. It is not funny and bluffing matter for any policy maker. It is a clear and present danger. I am pleading to both Debre and Abiy to come back to their senses, sit down and talk. I pray now as I have been praying for so long for that country and its people. May Almighty Our Creator help you expurgate hate, suspicion and vengeance from your hearts and psyche so harmony and love shall guide you in your daily decisions!!! You may see this as something impossible but with a goodwill and thoughtful approach it is possible. It is readily available up for grab. Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. What else did you think it is? The American political system of platforms are based on bluffs, deceptions, cheating, as well as by creating chaotic environments on underdeveloped countries in the black continent of AFRICA in order to exploit, steal the wealth of AFRICA without paying a cent for it. It’s purely a Cheap prostitution like political system as well,

  3. During election period anything can be said and promised just to get elected. But action is speaking. At this time Vote Protest vote. Vote Republican. Everyone get out and vote.


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