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Dessie under the control of Ethiopian Forces

Heavy fighting was reported outside Dessie city. Multiple sources reported that TPLF forces suffered heavy casualties

Dessie _ TPLF
Dessie town earlier this week. Volunteers who have arrived to join the task of defending the town (Photo : Social Media)


Hours after media outlets in the west reported the capture of Dessie, a strategic town in the Amhara region located about 400 kilometres north of the capital Addis Ababa, new reports are emerging that suggest the town is still under the control of Ethiopian forces.

Yesuf Ibrahim and Gahsaw Mersha, both are among the top leaders of National Movement of Amhara(NaMA), are in Dessie.

They reported on their social media pages saying the confusion that was created in the town is cleared and that the town is under the control of Ethiopian forces.

The Federal government communication department has confirmed it in a statement released on Saturday.

Based on narrative from opposition figures, what happened in Dessie was essentially an information war.

Agents of TPLF that have been living in Dessie for a long time now, but who have not been known as TPLF aids, reportedly instigated residents to abandon the town saying that the rebel forces are about to control it.

Apparently, there was an intense gunfire following the instigation and some left the city thinking that it fell in the hands of TPLF forces. In fact, hundreds of TPLF forces entered the city from the north direction, but their stay was short-lived.

There are confirmed reports that there was intense fighting between government troops and TPLF forces outside Dessie , and TPLF forces have reportedly suffered heavy casualties.

Amhara Media Corporation (AMC) cited security authorities to report that TPLF terrorist intruders, as it called them, who sneaked to Dessie on Saturday have been eliminated. Their bodies are reportedly littered in different parts of the town.

No response is given so far from TPLF about the latest situation in Dessie, which is under the control of Ethiopian forces. TPLF has been calming that it has control over the town for more than ten days now.

The phone line to Dessie has not been working for more than 14 hours and is not restored at this writing.

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  1. Choosing Dessie and Amhara region for war is all planned by the Prosperity Party leader and the surrogate children of EPRDF. PM Abiy has accepted to deal and share government with TPLF. TPLF who were decimated in the run, in caves and ditches now are given the green light fight, massacre, loot, destroy infrastructure, hospitals, schools and house of worships by repeatedly moving in and out and through the chosen land for war, the Amhara zone. Unless Amharas wake up from deep sleep and go offensive instead of defending!!! That will be the solution to stop the slaughter!!!!

    The final plan will be to further steal and share Wollo Amhara’s land and wealth between TPLF and OLF and remove Amharas from their ancestral land. The daily slaughtering of Amhara has aggressively continued in Wollega and Benishangul Gumez as well and yet Prosperity Party is callously and quietly watching . As strategized going through Dessie is what Prosperity Party wanted TPLF to come to Addis Ababa.. Hey guys you better believe soon you will see PM Abiy sitting with OLA, OLF and TPLF in Addis.
    Soon what happened to Megisu Hailemariam again will happen to PM Abiy by the same few ragged and detested rebel group for prolonging the war that soon will demoralize the brave and loyal military to keep fighting unnecessary war.

    Journalists voicing opinion and showing concern are already being experiencing harassments by the government.


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