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TPLF forces have executed at least 482 civilians in Afar and Amhara region : Investigation report

The rights abuse in the Amhara and Afar regions took place after July 2021 following TPLF’s military adventures in the region 

Fekadu Tsega, state minister in the office of AG (left) and Mulissa Abdisa , Head of criminal investigation Dept. (right) during the presser ( Photo : Office of Attorney General)


Ethiopia’s office of the Federal Attorney on Friday disclosed egregious human rights violations by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

The disclosure after several months of joint investigation by the Attorney General and the Federal Police. 

According to the report, the TPLF has executed at least 482 civilians after its forces controlled areas in Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia following the declaration of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire by the Ethiopian government in late June 2021.  Another 165 civilians have sustained severe wounds that led to some form of disability. 

109 women were raped. A seven months pregnant woman was reportedly raped for three. 

The TPLF forces took the war to these regions with the hope of controlling corridors to Sudan and Djibouti – a mission that rather turned out to be a mirage. 

During the presser by the Attorney General Office, it is indicated that the Federal Attorney General, Federal Police and regional investigative authorities took part in the investigation. 

Specific areas of the two regions where the TPLF carried out human rights violations are identified. The investigation focused on the areas that came under the TPLF control after the withdrawal of Ethiopian Defense Force from Tigray and were later liberated by the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

In South Gondar, the districts of Nefas Mewucha, Guna Begemdir, Farta, Este and Debretabor areas are experiencing the rights abuse. 

In North Gondar, Dabat, Debark and Zarema districts are among areas where the TPLF  forces unleashed abuses ranging from executions to other forms of abuses, not to mention destruction of private properties and looting. 

In the Afar region, Galicoma, Ewa, Awura and Guilna districts were affected by TPLF arbitrary killings and other rights abuses. 

The TPLF spokesperson, who is recently posting numerous political remarks and battle updates, including a claim about the capture of Dessie which is entirely false, has not yet responded to the report by the government. 

There are still areas that are under the control of TPLF forces in North Wollo, North Gondar and Waghumra areas of the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

An estimated 4.5 million people in the Amhara region in the TPLF occupied areas are believed to be facing a famine like situation.  No electric power supply or communications in those areas. 

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  1. When TPLF Terrorist waged the war between TPLF and PM Abiy, Prosperity Party why did they choose to battle in Amhara region is the must question that must be asked and stopped. Why did PM Abiy with the mighty Federal troop he controls never wanted to take the war out of Amhara region and take it back to Tigray where all TPLF leaders and TPLF fighters are?

    At the same time PM Abiy’s supporters are criticizing and chastising people to keep quiet and never to ask this question. What that explains is that it is purposely planned until many Amharas are killed and impoverished while Oromia is getting empowered and flourished.

  2. Amharas must organize themselves regardless of what PM Abiy’s government wants or says because it is the Amhara people that are sacrificing their lives fighting and shielding PM Abiy’s government from Tigrea terrorists. So far the government is set according to ethnic ratio yet the war is not treated the same way. It is totally left for Amhara. When Oromia is the main beneficiary of economical and financial allocation from the government there is no Oromia fighters presently fighting Tigrea terrorist war. The government is not treating this war as threat to all ethnic zones of Ethiopia when this should have been the first and foremost responsibility of the government.
    Tigrea terrorist and looters are looting Amhara’s wealth and property yet the government has not gone all the way to Tigray to force Tigrea terrorists and looters return the loot back to Amhara zone.
    All the roads coming and going to Tigray must be destroyed. All communication structures must be dismantled and destroyed in Tigray that the Tigrea Terrorist are using for terroristic activities.
    Tigrae Terrorists must be held responsible for the loot and destruction of Amhara lives, economical and health infrastructure destruction and the government’s economic allocation to Tigray must be diverted to Amhara region as compensation for the lives lost, loot and destruction of all Amhara properties.


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