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Dessie : TPLF fired artillery targeting civilians , at least one killed

In a video message released on Wednesday, TPLF leader claimed that his organization has support in Amhara region where it has been targeting civilians

Dessie _ TPLF
Residents of Dessie took to the street after TPLF leader Debretsion released video message calling for residents of Dessie and Kombolcha to remain indoors. Photo : Melaku Ambaw, an activist and a resident of Dessie, shared it on social media


At least one person is reportedly killed, and three others injured after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fired artillery targeting civilians in Dessie town, centre of the South Wollo administration. 

The spotter for the artillery attacks are said to be, according to informants, insiders who happen to be residents of Dessie with political and intelligence links to the TPLF terrorist group. At least seven arrests are reported. 

The TPLF forces had been fighting hard for over two weeks now to take control of Kombolcha and Dessie towns, and all the attempts failed so far. 

Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF chairman, on Wednesday claimed, in a video message, that his party is getting support in Amhara region.

The cost of attempting to take control of these cities was expensive for TPLF, according to eyewitness accounts, who claim to have seen piles of dead bodies of TPLF combatants. Several thousands of TPLF combatants are believed to have been killed in the recent battles near Dessie. However, the government is yet to provide figures about the losses. 

However, the TPLF fight to control what are said to be key strategic locations – Dessie and Kombolcha – both militarily and economically does not seem to be over. 

The propaganda wing of TPLF disseminated lies about a week ago claiming that the TPLF forces have controlled the city. 

There was heavy fighting on Thursday in the morning. Several TPLF combatants are captured, including retired civil servants. 

According to an informant who spoke to borkena on condition of anonymity, residents in the city are vigilant and mobile patrols with rotating shifts are in place to ensure security in the city. 

Well over one million displaced people, from North Wollo and other areas, are currently residing in Dessie. 

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  1. There you have it. I have said this before when Abiy’s top brass told us that Debre’s fighting power was finished, kaput!!! Every time I hear of Debre is beaten I say to myself ‘what else is lost to him now?’ He was beaten lifeless at Weldiya, Mersa and then at Haik but he is now at an artillery range of Dessie. I am asking the ENDF to evacuate Dessie now to avoid senseless massacre of civilians. Don’t you see the real picture in this? Soldiers in the ENDF don’t have the zeal and courage to fight. Instead they want to go back to the towns and villages they come from. But Debre’s soldiers are to the contrary. They don’t want to die if starvation by staying at home. Their sensible choice is to fight to end it all and die trying. We have their predecessors’ raw ‘heroism’ in the 1970’s and 80’s fighting Mengistu’s army. There were accounts where young fighter walked through heavily mined fields to open safe pathways for their fighter friends behind them. That is more than zeal but utter sense fatalism. They will fight you savage badgers that will shock you to numbness. Abiy does not have that. When you add ‘story’ telling top brass to that, you have the perfect formula for humiliating defeat. Those Amharas and Oromos don’t know how….forget what I’m gonna say about them. Just forget it! I am asking Abiy to surrender Dessie and then the entire country pronto. Then you can come here and join your friends scavenging at missionary canteens. What? What did you say? Minnesota? Don’t even think about it? A fearless lawyer will be waiting for you there!!! By firing his artillery at Dessie Debre is throwing a jab as a diversion just to deliver a crushing left hook and take Kombolcha(if it is not in his hands already) to the south. I just took a peek at Google map I can see Debre smooth sailing through Habro, Kemise, Shewa Robit, his namesake Debre Birhan and bingo, Addis Finfine. Then he will turn his fearless and triumphant face towards the next and ultimate prize, Asmara. I tell you he may find some help there too. So Brother Isaias! You better start packing up now. Modern Day Alexander the Great will be coming for you. With his satellite feeds and virtual locations he is getting you will have no chance against him. I propose Algeria for you Bother Isaias! Those Amharas and Oromos have let you down!!! Nuff said for me now!!! Folks, don’t be surprised if Dessie falls soon. I won’t!!! Then my fellow countrymen/women! Our long and painful national nightmare will not be over but to begin another unforgiving chapter in the history of that gem of a country which produced us all!!!

  2. I may wanna add this. Those two young men in prison now, Jawar and Eskinder, better start worrying now. You will be toast the day Debre enters Addis/Finfine. Remember you yelling with ‘Down, down Woyane’?

  3. በፈጠራቹ የሰዋስዎ ስ ህተቶች ኣጽሩ። ኮማ እንደዛ ኣይደለም መሆን ያለበት ኣርስቱ ላይ።
    ጠቃሚ ነገሮችን ለማቅረብ እየሞከራ ቹ ያላቹ እናንተ ብቻ ናቹ እና እንደ ዜና ምንጭ መጠቀም እንፈልጋልን የ ህዝባችንን በደል ለመግለጽ።
    Ena find a way to fix it please. By the way, Google pick up the titles immediately. the other day you wrote hung instead of hang and that is how it showed up in google, incorrectly. Even though you corrected it here.
    Thank you guys for the good work you do.


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