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Dessie Front Update : TPLF forces vanquished in the outskirts of the city

TPLF latest attempt to control Dessie ended in disastrous loss after a coordinated military operation in the area 

Dessie  Front update


Dessie, the capital of south Wollo zone of Amahra regional state, had been under immense military pressure from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

It has been nearly a week since pro-TPLF media support groups, in the Diaspora, declared that TPLF controlled Dessie and Kombolcha. 

TPLF spokesperson, Getachew Reda, didn’t openly declare “Dessie under Tigray Defense Force”  about it but left it murky saying the cities of Kombolcha and Dessie are within an artillery weapon target range of the two towns. 

The statement was meant to partly intimidate, with propaganda, residents of Dessie and Kombolcha to abandon their cities. As it turns out, residents in both cities not only stood their ground, but also proved to be supportive of the military operation in the campaign to avert TPLF control of Dessie city. They provided logistical support in the war front, including transporting those wounded in the battle front. 

In what seems to be a show of determination to prove themselves right to their supporters, the TPLF  brought tens of thousands of additional forces to the areas adjacent to Dessie with the aim to control it. 

On Wednesday, the city came under intense pressure from the TPLF activity but the Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara region special forces and FANO (volunteer group fighting for freedom ) proved invincible. 

Sources who happened to be involved in logistical support work told borkena that the TPLF threat was successfully reversed.  Several thousands of TPLF forces are said to be killed in the battle to control Dessie. 

The youth in the city organized themselves to hunt down intruders while continuing to provide logistical support in the combat zone – which is less than 20 kilometers north west of Dessie. 

There has been a mobile patrol organized by the youth in the city. Dozens of TPLF intruders are already caught in the city. According to the sources, the city is relatively calm and that residents are going about their daily activity. 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the TPLF chairman, Debretsion Gebremichael, released a video message via Dimtse Woyane it which it called up of the residents of Dessie to “remain calm and not to be disturbed.” Furthermore, he claimed that his forces have popular support in the Amhara region – a region where the TPLF forces unleashed several massacres of innocent civilians. 

For Debretsion Gebremichael, the war is in its final state and that his forces are winning it. The reality on the ground, however, clearly indicates that his forces suffered defeat in several fronts in the areas near Kombolcha and Dessie. 

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  1. Debretsion and Getachew will be captured soon and that will be the end of tplf. Death to those who preach hate and spread death!!!


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