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Four opposition members of parliament want Abiy answer qn about the war

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party members of Parliament want to know the timeline to end the war. Ethiopia has mobilized hundreds of thousands of members of Defense Forces in the past few months  

opposition members of parliament


Ethiopian Citizen’s for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) on Tuesday disclosed that four members of parliament from EZEMA party have submitted a request for the speaker of the house, Tagesse Chafo.

They want  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to appear before parliament to answer questions regarding the ongoing war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

The letter by the four parliamentarians recalled that the Ethiopian Defense Force was withdrawn from the Tigray region, in June 2021, with the intention to give a break to residents in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

However, they said in their letters, the conflict has been worsening and spreading to other areas, and recently South Wollo, in Amhara region of Ethiopia, has become part of the conflict zone. 

The parliamentarians are particularly interested in knowing as to when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government is intending to end the war and what it is doing in terms of restoring citizens to normal life. 

They also asked what the government expects from the public and opposition parties. 

Another matter of concern was the way information is handled, as they seem to think that there is a gap in the way information is handled , and what the government is doing to fix the problem.

Furthermore, they expressed interest in knowing if the government is working to ensure that Ethiopia is not dragged to the problem it is facing now. 

It has been almost a year since a war broke out in Ethiopia between TPLF, which the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist organization, and the Ethiopian government. 

Initially, it started as a “law enforcement” operation, which was completed within less than three weeks. As the international community put pressure on Ethiopia about alleged human rights abuse and humanitarian crisis, the TPLF forces reorganized to embark on an offensive. 

Within less than a month after the Ethiopian Defense Force withdrew from Tigray region, the TPLF controlled many areas in the Afar and Amhara region where it unleashed several massacres against civilians including women and children. 

TPLF is still in control of many areas in North Wollo, Waghmare And Gondar ( all in Amhara region). Recently, TPLF took its war to areas close to Dessie, capital of South Wollo zone.  

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  1. Ethiopia should not repeat past mistakes not listening to eachother, lack of communication. What ever the situation the government is better of to gather civilians, govt officials and many institutions, experts, elders, etc sit down and discuss current issues: what are the things they do good, what are the things they do bad. I am not sure if those in parlma hopefully are true officials that are concerned for Ethiopia and are able to give advice and yet and hope so as well and not blined by ethnicity or religion or region. it should not be top down but horizontal and at the end, leader convey the decision.

  2. This is the right and timely demand. They also must(please underline must for me) also drag those top brass military dudes, Bacha, Jula and those who gave briefings to the press and grill them. How on this good earth a totally vanquished army(allegedly) was able to mount one victory score after another. I have no military background but I don’t know how a completely destroyed army can wage battles the next day. This is not a propaganda war but an outright ‘story’ telling. I want to see all those generals have their feet put to the fire. But be careful though. You have seen what went down a few days ago next door. Abiy, you better watch it now!!!


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