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Sudan’s military leaders dissolve transitional government, arrest PM Abdella Hamdok

Sudan coup seems to have given Abdel Fattah al-Burhan total power. Abdella Hamdok reportedly arrested after rejecting demands from the military leaders to dissolve civilian government in Sudan. State of emergency declared and Internet disconnected

Abdella Hamdok


Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdella Hamdok and many other members of the country’s civilian administration are reportedly arrested in what appears to be a military coup. 

According to a report by Aljazeera, the head of the sovereign council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, has announced that the council and the transitional government is dissolved. 

Security forces in Sudan have arrested Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and several other members of the country’s civilian leadership, the information ministry said, as a military officer dissolved the transitional government.

A state of emergency is also declared across the country. Internet communication is cut. 

The Sudan coup that toppled the short-lived civilian administration transpired after the U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Jeffery Feltman, met Prime Minister Abdella Hamdok for a third time. 

Mr. Jeffery also met with Chairman of the now defunct Sovereign Council, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan. 

Mr. Hamdok was reportedly transferred to an undisclosed location after the arrest. 

Thousands took to the streets of Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, to demand the release of Mr. Hamdok and other members of the civilian administration. 

There have been protests in many cities in Sudan demanding the complete transfer of power to the civilian administration that was led by Mr. Hamdok. 

He had been serving as Prime Minister since 2019 following an arrangement for transitional government after Omar Hassan Albashir’s government was deposed. 
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  1. Jeffery Feltman had boasted some months ago that he would remove PM Abiy from power, in effect, engineer a coup d’etat. This expert of coup d’etats has been in Khartoum recently. So, this time he succeeds.

    Sudan’s coup d’etat – made in Cairo, Egypt, by El Sisi.
    Patent holder – Feltman, Washington DC, USA

  2. Hello everyone! This is your master el-Sisi talking. I am asking every one of you to join me at the party I am throwing tonight. It will be at the front yard of my palace right here in Al-Qahirah. We will be doing dagadash all day long, all night long. We will be joined and led in our routine dance by Alla Kushnir, Syrena, Maya Maghraby, Amie Sultan and the incomparable Amar Gamal. We will be doing raqs balladi. That is belly dancing y’all!! We are celebrating my boys’ success in Sudan. Ok Hossam Ramzy, hit it with your temper dance Sallam Allay!!!! youtube.com/watch?v=AZklrBZ2eN4&ab_channel=JanedeFreitas

    Poor Hamdok! He is not even invited to the party! There will be no Abiy to save him this time around! Pour soul!!!

  3. Subject: Here we go again. Good-bye Sudan

    Humble Commentary, 25 Oct 2021
    We Black Africans are what we are.
    Just observe, Sudan’s coup d’état made in Cairo, Egypt, by El Sisi.!!
    We will keep on going until kinetic energy in us is dry
    In that case, the WHITE marauders would have accomplished the long dream of possessing Africa in its entirety.
    They accomplished what they dreamt about for seemingly time immemorial .
    Dear Scholar Brothers/Sisters: it hurts to be neither here nor there, swindling between two assigned ropes suffering for eternity.

  4. beloved U.S people, god keep you safe, bring back what you used to be, democracy despite your imperfections ever since the killing of
    President Kennedy. Biden meant to rule the right way but bad elements do not allow him.

    • When was america ever a democracy? A country built on the backs of african slaves and even at the current moment the oppression/victimization of those said slaves. Dont fall for the cool aid/euro-american propaganda.

  5. This should raise everyone’s antenna here in our Diaspora and back in the old country. Mengistu’s replicas could be just lurking around under the radar waiting for the right moment. Even though I feel that I was lied to by Abiy’s top brass when they every one that Debre was so badly beaten to a point where he will never and ever be able to mount even a bar brawl, I still think he is the best choice to lead the country at this moment in that country’s history. Who else enjoy widespread support better than him? Opposition? Which one? Don’t start with me about the opposition! Please don’t!!!


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