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Ethiopia pledges fewer check points for humanitarian works in the north

Ethiopia sees the latest European Union resolution, which intends to impose sanction on Ethiopia in connection with the conflict in the northern part of the country, as unwise. 

Ethiopia _ European Union
Ethiopia’s FM and Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonen, poses for a picture with Ambassadors from nine European countries. (Photo credit : MFAE)


Ethiopian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonned, on Monday had a meeting with Ambassadors of nine European countries based in Addis Ababa. 

From the updates released by the Foreign Ministry, the focus of the situation in the northern part of the country where Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces are carrying out war in Amhara and Afar regions. 

Ambassadors of France, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands,  Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Slovakia attended the meeting. 

Mr. Demeke reportedly briefed the ambassadors about the current situation in the country as it relates to the war in Northern Ethiopia, according to the update from the Ministry. 

He pledged fewer checkpoints, as part of the commitment for unfettered humanitarian access,  and continues humanitarian flights to the conflict regions. 

Mr. Demeke also expressed “Ethiopia’s disappointment over the silence of the EU in the face of massive belligerence, murder, and destruction of civilians in Afar and Amhara regions by the clique.” 

The fact that TPLF has been obstructing humanitarian operations in the conflict region, among other things, is something that the European Union ignored while hassling the Ethiopian government with accusations of “human rights violations” and blockade of routes to humanitarian assistance. 

One clear example is, as cited by Demeke Mekonnen, out of 1,111 trucks that entered the Tigray region of Ethiopia with humanitarian aid since July, only 242 trucks returned. 

Mr Demeke called on “EU and member states to extend their Humanitarian Airbridge support to the Amhara and Afar Regions besides supporting the sovereignty and integrity of Ethiopia, which is in the best interest of the European Union.” 

In regards to the intended sanction, Demeke sees it as unwise. It should have been based on investigation of human rights violation and holding groups and individuals rather than imposing it on Ethiopia as a whole.

Furthermore, Mr Demeke said that a stable, united and strong Ethiopia is in the interest of European Union.

The update from the Foreign Ministry did not highlight the views of the ambassadors who participated in the meeting. The British Ambassador to Ethiopia did not attend the meeting. 

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  1. Dear Congresswoman Bass,

    First of all thank you for your service to this Blessed country who we all called home. It has sheltered us from despots that chased out of the country that produced us and gave us opportunities we dreamed of. The old country and USA go back for more than 100 years in their friendly relationship and it is in my daily prayers that such relationship will continue to flourish for centuries to come. But I’m worried now that history may repeat itself with what took place in 1977-78. The deceased Soviet Union is now replaced by two despots in Moscow and Beijing. They are doing everything in their sleeves to yank away the old country into their servile congregation. USA should maintain its foothold in that country should never allow itself to be just an on-looker. It should not commit any avoidable mistake in dealing with the current Abiy administration. The situation there is close to dire and Abiy’s administration was handed a mandate by more than 95% of the voters to keep the country intact. PM Abiy is faced with seemingly insurmountable chaos left behind by Debre and his predecessors. Debre and cabals created a de facto government in their region that refused to go by the constitution in place. They went ahead and held a region wide election not sanctioned by the National Election Board. Just mind you if Northern California just went all lily and declared a de facto state? What will the federal government here do if that de facto state starts creating and arming a massive force? What will the president and congress do if such de facto state suddenly attack a military base in California? I can predict what the federal government will do but I know that you know what resolution you and your colleagues will pass in the congress. Just look at what Debre and his cabals are doing. By all indications they want their fellow citizens kept underfed so to force them into their killing machine. They believe famine is their asset. They want their able bodied citizens to have two and only two options. The first one is staying at home and die of agonizing deaths from starvation and the alternative is to join their fighting force and die trying. They will never allow an independent body let alone the legitimately elected federal government to go in there and distribute the desperately needed food aid. I will give you another scenario. Let’s say the aforementioned de facto state in Northern California faces food crisis and it refuses the federal government to go in there and distribute food aid. What will you and your colleagues do in the congress? Worse yet, you will be told off by EU and the UN and they want to do the delivery and distribution in the de facto state of the lily in Northern California. Not you but them only! They will be joined by CNN, BBC, AP, AFP and the gang demonizing you as bloodthirsty administration. I am sure you have thought about that. I can’t even start to imagine that you now believe the late President Eisenhower was wrong in sending the 101st Airborne Division to Arkansas on that fateful and historic day September 24, 1957. Should the president have been impeached for invoking the 1807 Insurrection Act? Was he wrong? But he did the right thing because that was one of the duties he was mandated with when almost 35 million citizens(57.4% of the total votes) voted him into the White House. Those airborne guys were not playing games when they showed up in Little Rock, Arkansas. They did not go there bare handed just to play hooky on AWOL. Nuff said about that!!! Meanwhile, I noticed you like to say ‘I’ so many times and it reminded me the conversation Mrs. Joan Levias had with school principal Joe Louis Clark in this 1989 clip. She went “I! I! I! It is always I!” Here is one of my most favorite clips in biographical movies:

    Again thank you for your valuable service to Good Ole USA!!!


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