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Putting the records straight on UN aid planes and the airstrike in Mekelle

Ethiopian Air Force


The Ethiopian Air Force had conducted an airstrike yesterday on a former ENDF military base, now a training base and a battle network hub of the TPLF terrorist group in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray Regional State.

On the same day, two UN aid planes licensed by the Federal Government of Ethiopia returned to Addis Ababa after being denied permission by local air traffic controllers to land in Mekelle.

As UN spokesman Stephanie Dujarric reportedly said too, the planes had been cleared by federal authorities but received instructions to abort landing by the Mekelle airport control tower.

However, some media outlets and organizations have misrepresented that the aid planes returned to Addis Ababa due to airstrikes in Mekelle.

Some of these outlets have also echoed the TPLF talking points blaming the airstrike for targeting civilians and educational institutions.

The Ethiopian Air Force carried out the airstrikes with extreme caution targeting only communication and military training facilities used by the terrorist group.


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  1. The UN has legitimate concern but it’s suspension of flights with badly needed food aid may not be a good idea. There is always that nightmare called .pilots’ error and can be very deadly resulting in collateral damage which could include UN personnel. But the suspension is a windfall for Debre and his cabals. A beleaguered population is their best asset and cannon fodder. The foreign ministry better focus on how to stop Debre’s rampage. It is very hard to believe towns like Lalibela, Waldiya and others in the vicinity are still in Debre’s hands. You better worry about possible Dessie’s demise and fall.


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